So far, I've got 13 people writing stories! I'm really excited!
Chapter 1 is @superperson404 
Chapter 2 is @awesomeberry 
Chapter 3 is @kirbyjenn 
Chapter 4 is @beatlesrock14 (DONE)
Chapter 5 is @zippykitty 
Chapter 6 is @shellebelle (DONE)
Chapter 7 is @insanelyreckless
Chapter 8 is @jamierike 
Chapter 9 is @dinosrule78 
Chapter 10 is @beatlesrock14 (DONE)
Chapter 11 is @green-jello
Chapter 12 is @shellebelle
Chapter 13 is @beatlesrock14 again! Haha!

And as you can see, some amazing people wanted to do another chapter. So, if you'd like to too, just let me know!! :)

If you're interested, just comment below and say "I'm in" or whatever and I will PM you your song and chapter!
Message me if you're confused or whatever! 

People are saying that they're not good writers and stuff, but I think we can all be good writers! And it doesn't have to be PERFECT because nobody and nothing is perfect! 


Sorry guys, I'm really excited about this!

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