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Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

Macy's POV
Chapter 3: I woke up with a hangover. We had drank all twelve beers. I could tell from all the cans crushed on the floor. The streamers we bought were all over the place. The cupcake wrappers were in the floor, along with crumbs. Everything was a mess. I tried to remember if Mom and Dane ever said anything to us, but I can't remember. They probably got drunk too. Dane was already when we got home last night.
Nathan was still asleep. I didn't want to wake him. I quietly walked to the kitchen cabinets and took two ibuprofen. Then I went back into my room and got out the clothes I was going to wear and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I turned on the water and took off my clothes.
While I was in the shower, I noticed something. Something amazing. Something that made my day. I didn't cut last night. One whole day, no cuts. I was over joyed. My smile was hurting my face, but I couldn't stop smiling. I drew two hearts with my finger on the shower door.
When I got out of the shower and put my clothes on and all of that. When I was about to leave the bathroom, still smiling, I saw something behind the toilet. I pulled it out. It was drugs. It was marijuana. With that, my smile faded away quickly. I should've done something. But I didn't. I just put it back, and put my smile back on my face, like nothing ever happened.
I went into the kitchen and got two cups of water, one for me and one for Nathan. I got Nathan some ibuprofen too. When I came into the bedroom he was still sleeping, so I sat the pills and water on his nightstand. I went over to my bed and got my phone out from under my pillow. It was 12:32pm.
I got a garbage bag and picked up all the wrappers, cans, and streamers last night. Before I did that though, I took a picture of the room because I knew Nathan would want to see it.
Right when I finished picking everything up, Nathan woke up. 'My head hurts. What are you doing?" He asked. "I just picked everything up. I put some water and ibuprofen on your nightstand." I replied. "I want to see what the room looked like when we trashed it." He wined. "I know. I took a picture. Take your medicine." I said. "Okay, Mom." He replied. "Okay. Here's the picture." I said, handing him my phone. He choked on his water. "Oh my gosh," he said as he caught his breath, "We did that? I cant believe we did that! We are party animals!" I smiled. "Yeah we are. But be quieter, I don't want to be questioned." I said. "Okay." He replied. He laid back down on the bed and put his hand over his head. He groaned. I put my hand on his arm. "You'll be okay." I assured him. "I know. But it hurts." I smiled. "But it was worth it. You gave me the best birthday ever." He gave me a weak smile. "Your welcome." He said.
Nathan had gotten up at 1:00pm and we ate some cereal for breakfast. Even though it was way past breakfast time. Dane and Mom were just getting up around 1:30pm. Dane was being very rude and complaining.
"Why is this house so dirty? Didn't I tell you to clean it up? My head hurts. There's no food here. I don't care. I told you to clean this house. This house is too small anyway. There's no more beer. I need a smoke. I ain't got no money."

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Wrote one year ago this is the continuation set

Wrote one year ago
I have too many words LOL I have to finish the rest in a set, sorry I know its confusing


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