Honestly, I've seen so many of these tip sets, but none of them are even remotely helpful. They all just focus on superficial things. I guess I'm making my own for that reason. 

Get your mind in check. If your biggest concern is how popular you're going to be- or what outfit you're going to wear on the first day of school, then you need to reconsider some things. First and foremost, you're going to school. Focus on keeping up your grades. If you can keep them relatively high, then fine, go on and focus on your social life. In all honesty, freshman year is fairly easy, grade-wise. Have your fun then, but only if you can keep up your grades. This is school, after all. It's sole purpose is to keep you educated.

Okay, so I'm not saying that you shouldn't make any friends and just be a bookworm who stays locked up in her room all day. I honestly think you should go looking for friends. Or, they'll come to you. Don't even worry about this. Friendships just happen. You'll talk to the people who sit next to you in class, and you're set. 

If you really enjoy being social, then I recommend going to football games and meeting up with friends there. Oh, and school dances are usually fun for people who enjoy those things.

If you're more introverted, then don't worry about it. You really won't have much fun with football games and dances. It's all just stressful sometimes. It's completely alright if you don't do the whole 'school spirit' thing by attending the games. I never do.(:

 Don't just go for the upperclassmen, and fall in love with them, okay? Especially the senior boys. They won't see you that way. And if you think they do, then they'll only use you. They go for freshman girls if they can't get girls closer to their own age. Go for other freshman boys. Then sophomore year, you'll be considered more mature and then you can go for it. Honestly, though, freshman boys are really immature, so forget dating if you just want a boyfriend for the sake of having a boyfriend. It's really not worth it.

Okay. This website is a lifesaver. 
http://quizlet.com/ You pretty much make an account, then you can make multiple stacks of flashcards online. You can share them with your friends by sending them links. I recommend that you and your friends taking turns making them, so you won't be stuck doing all the work.

Oh, and just stay organized- and stay ahead in your schoolwork. It really helps.

Here's the thing: keep pretty clothes in your closet and just throw on a blouse/top and some jeans and you're set. The first week of school is when you make your first impression, so make sure you dress nicely. Then the rest of the year, it doesn't matter so much. HOWEVER, don't wear sweats and tennis shoes everyday for the rest of the year. It makes you look like a slob. Just be presentable, alright? Oh, and keep it simple.

Your GPA (Grade Point Average) is really important. We all play the GPA game, and take the classes that are worth the most credits earlier on, so when we apply for college, it'll be a higher number. 
For example, P.E. is a required class (for at least one year). It's a 4.0 rather than a 5.0, so I'm going to be taking it senior year, so my GPA will be higher when I send it in to colleges. Take the AP classes first. Don't worry about it so much freshman year, but for sophomore year, make sure you're taking a few AP classes- or at least classes that are worth more. And yes, your GPA can be higher than a 4.0. Don't aim for a 4.0. Aim higher. Much higher. I do realize, that some high schools don't offer this type of thing- or that they have different methods of grade calculations. If yours differs from mine, then I recommend that you go and speak with your school counselor about how you can get this number up. It'll help you with getting into college.

Okay, if your school supply list calls for a 5 inch binder for each class, then screw it and don't follow along with it. I've come to find that a folder for each class along with a spiral works wonders. However, you do need to have binders for some classes. Ask your teachers when you go to meet them and get your school schedules. And if they say that you do need a binder, then go with the 1 inch ones. It helps a lot with space and lowers the number of times you need to go to your locker, if it all fits into your backpack. At my school, as well as most high schools, students carry around their backpacks with them all day. If you think carrying around tote bags make you look cool, then think again... when you get shoulder pains from having all the weight of your books put onto one shoulder day after day. No, just get a regular backpack. I recommend Jansport backpacks. You can fit so many things into them, and they don't look bulky from the outside. Yes, they are on the pricey side, but it's worth it because you can used them for all four years and they don't get ruined. ( http://www.blogcdn.com/shopping.aol.com/articles/media/2010/07/jansport-backpack.jpg ) Most people carry around the solid colored ones at my school. 

Alright, well I think that's it.
If you have any questions, comment below or PM me and I'll get back to you.(:
OH, or if you have anything to add, that would be great, too.

Thanks! And good luck to you all!
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