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Car mechanic Mercy Thompson is a Walker, a being who can shapeshift into a coyote at will and see ghosts. A bonus to being a walker is that it also makes her naturally immune to vampire magics and deceptions. 

Mercy owes her vampire friend Stefan a favour. When he calls in that favour by asking her to accompany him to a meeting with a vampire from out of town she agrees to go. After all he only needs her there as a witness and as she is to attend the meeting in her coyote form it’s not like she even has to speak or take part in the meeting….

When Mercy and Stefan arrive at the hotel where the vampire is staying the only thing that Mercy can smell with her coyote nose over the stench of vampire and death is Stefan’s fear. Stefan is an old and powerful vampire. Mercy really doesn’t want to meet the thing that scares a vampire of Stefan’s strength.

The new vampire is not just a vampire, it’s a vampire possessed by a demon. Utterly evil, it murders for its own entertainment as well as for blood. Stefan and Mercy survive the meeting but they were no match for the demon possessed vampire who escaped. Mercy is called to give testimony to the vampire leader Marsilia that there is a demon possessed vampire on the loose in the Tri-Cities. 

The vampires and the local werewolves form a small team to track and capture the demon possessed vampire but when they all fail to return Marsilia orders Mercy to join the hunt. It is up to Mercy to succeed in finding and destroying the demon ridden vampire before any more people, including Mercy’s friends, die.
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