when riding horseback one must always be prepared with their wardrobe. Layers are a must. T-shirt, then button down, flannel usually, jeans are just fine, some wear special leg apparel made for horseback, to protect the inside of the leg, the part of the body that keeps you on the horse if you know what you are doing, a helmut, head injuries suck! gloves, boots with a heel to keep down, coat for warmth & rain poncho. Then check your girth (saddle belt) make sure it's tight and your good to go. Always be kind to your horse you are in command, watch their ears it tells you how they feel. The can smell fear so don't show it. They love carrots & apples (take the seeds out they have arsenic in them) and of course sugar cubes. Brush them out afterwards especially where the saddle was and let them loose in the meadow. Never be angry with an animal. It is inhuman.

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