Ride // Justin Bieber.

please read this, i need help.
so my boyfriend told me that he loved me before he went to bed, and he just kind of waited for me to reply on facebook.
but my mom told me not to tell him i love him yet because she knows how easy it is to say it but not actually feel it at such a young age.
so i told him that and that i was really sorry that i couldn't exactly say it back, but i more-than-like him. so i tried to make it up by saying i really { x35 } like you and i'm sorry
and he was like its okay i just need sleep, goodnight
i'm pretty sure he's mad, but i don't know what to do
i cried. i just sat and cried for a while, and i'm crying while typing this because i'm basically reliving the moment.
i don't know what to do. please help me, i'm afraid he might say we need to just be friends.
and that's going to crush me so bad. i don't know what i'm going to do if he does, but i can't tell him i love him.
i promised my mom, and i don't want to break that promise.

-- kayla.
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