Zoe sat at the bathroom counter with her makeup just scattered in front of her. She hadn't even gotten dressed yet, she was still in her bra and underwear. She was too busy worrying about her hair and makeup. What could she say? She was a perfectionist. And meeting Roman's father who already hated every girlfriend his son ever had, wasn't that calming either. She took in a deep breath, shaking her head as she mumbled to herself about a few different thins. Anyone who would hear her would think she wasn't all there. But she was. This was just how she was when she was nervous and was trying to control herself. She took in a deep breath, letting it out and tried to tame the mess of curls on her head. 


i apologize for the shitty sets btw.
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Wrote 4 years ago
Zoe shrugged a bit, "Not really." She answered honestly. Her head against the pillow as she watched him, her index fingers tracing small hearts on his arm.

Wrote 4 years ago
Roman made a dismissive gesture, paired with a small shrug of the shoulders. "Yeah, any time," he said casually. "Are you still tired?" Referring to the yawn.

Wrote 4 years ago
Zoe jumped a little when she heard him speak. She moved back to her side side, yawning a little. "With prince charming there it was much easier to sleep."

Wrote 4 years ago
Roman woke up the second that her lips met his palm, but he allowed her to slip out of his arms. "Well, it looks like Sleeping Beauty has finally gotten her desired rest," he said with a fairy tale-telling tone of voice. He was weird when he just woke up.



Your Style...!!!!! (FASHION CONTEST)

Your Style...!!!!! (FASHION CONTEST)

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Forbidden Rose (fashion group)

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lizber nation

lizber nation

she's my life tbh

and she's the only reason i get up in the morning tbh

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