I took an A in the italian test! YAY!
Allright. Then I went out for lunch with some friends and tonight there is CRIMINAL MINDS :Q_

And I took A+ in gymnastic, where i basically i sucks. but not today! ahah.

i do not have a lot to write today,but i want this to be my sort of diary, so i'll wrote something.
ok. so. there is a girl in my class,I will call her Mory. She is pretty stupid, like she lives in a whole perfect world of fairies and butterflies. You asks her something like "what did you eat at lunch?" and she will answer "the sky is gray".
THAT kind of stupid.
anyway; she goes to a psychologist. 
and this makes my arms falling. DAFUQ ya go to a psychologist? She sais it is because of problems like anxiety while interrogations of Greek and Italian
OH REALLY? GIRL. YOU TALK ABOUT PROBLEMS? that is because she do not understand questions. and come one! everybody is a bit shy, you have to face it and overcome it.
I want to slap her. There are people with more important problems.
In our class there is a girl who do not talk.
My bestfriend is/was anorexic.
Another girl is a drug-addict.
I have something not specificated (depression/bipolar disorder/dysthymia).
My other bestfriend has social anxiety .
Another girl have had Mononucleosis and still is not completely healthy.
A fellow citizen of my little town is socially awkward.
And a guy is beaten by his own parents.
Another is bullied because of her geekness.
(yeah,in my class we are 16 girls. and only 6 boys)

So,do not come to me and say that you have a BIG problem. Because I probabily will laugh at you.
I am not saying her problem is not important. Everyone's is important. 
But i still want to slap her. She thinks she understand things like anorexia! D:
I have had an "anorexinc phase" while I was that much depressed that i stopped eating, i was weightening myself everysingle moment and counting calories. But I can't say I understand anorexia. It was a phase. It ended. 
Now, if i have to say, i think i am a bit fat. meaning i do not have anymore abs so i don't like my belly. but i am not obsessed with food now. i like it.♥

this now it is really long LOL
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