Name: Nevaeh Lorien
Age: 17
District: 9
Weapon: Trowing knives, slingshot 

Tribute partner
Name: Jace Household
Age: 17
Weapon: Spear


Today it was the reaping day. It has always been a sad day over here in district 9. Families get hurt, but friends and even people you don't really like don't want you to be a tribute, but this year it was different. Horrible it was, if you got reaped you have to pick someone else!? 
I sign and got dressed. Some old jeans from my brother and a shirt with some shoes under it. I let my mom do my hair, just like every year. She raised my hear up and she did my district token in it. My district token was a small butterfly pin that my mom gave me when I turned 12. When my mom, dad and older brother were done we walked to the squire. It was already filled with people that were waiting. 

Our escort, with now bright blue hair got on stage. ''Welcome everyone'' she said with the biggest fake smile.

She told the story that we heard every year and she showed the movie that we always watch. 

''Loretta Villian'' she said.

This was terrible. She was one of the popular girls on school. She and her 5 barbie-doll friends hated me ever since. I was 100% sure that she was going to pick me. If it wasn't her it would be one of her friends. 

The girl got on stage ''I pick....Nevaeh Lorien!'' she said with an evil smirk. 

I walked on stage ''Have a wonderful after-life'' she said.

I really wanted to smack her into her face ,but I didn't. I waited until the boys were up. 

''Ty Logan'' she said and a boy got on stage. I knew him. He was the best friend of my older brother.

''I pick Jace Household'' he said and got of stage.

A boy 'Jace' got on stage. He was the majors son, I wonder why they picked him. 


I looked really mad at her, she said my name wrong!? Well all I know is that I need to fight to get home.
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