Name:David Elec



I got ready for the reaping when I woke up. I thought about my family. My 11 year old sister Catlyn aka Cat and my sick mother. "If I get chosen Cat I need you to take care of mother and ask for any job you can get. I love you!" "I love you too David!" When I fed mother I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She told me that I would be fine and that she loved me. We left to the reaping once we were all ready. I huged my family then checked in. My father had dies when I was 15. He was beaten to Death by the peacekeepers just because they were getting bored so they started messing with Mother but he wouldn't let them lay a finger on her so they killed him."Welcome,Welcome!" Estell the capital woman greeted. First they showed us the video about District 13 and then they were getting ready to say the tributes. :"Ladies first... Luna Bloom!" A girl probably a year younger walked onto the stage. She was gorgeous I felt bad for her because I noticed her holding back her tears when she heard the screams of I assumed her younger siblings. "Now for the boys...David Elec!" I felt my knees get weak. I saw my family crying which I felt like doing but I had to be strong so I managed to get on the stage. What was going to happen to my Family? "Ladies and Gentlemen give it up to our Hunger Games Tributes from District 5!"
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