So my sister and I were watching 'Chopped'. And they were focusing on chocolate so when they were making their desserts, one of the main ingredients was chocolate wine. I LOVE chocolate, and I would like to try some of this (when I grow older, of coarse. I'm underage). So I decided to share this recipe with you guys which on I found on the food network website. And here it is.....

-1 bottle of Zinfandel wine
-1/2 cups of whole milk
-1 ounce of finely chopped milk chocolate
*Cocoa powder

1. Boil the wine in a medium saucepan on medium-high until the wine is reduced to half it's size. 
2. Then boil the milk. Place the chopped chocolate in a mixing bowl and pour the wine over the cocolate. Whisk until the all the chocolate is melted. When this is done, pour the hot milk into the chocolate and whisk them together. 
3. Using the other half of the milk, froth it using a hand blender or by a milk frother. 
4. Finally pour the mixture into small cups and put some of the milk froth on top. Serve hot. 
*If you want to, you can decorate this drink by sprinkling some cocoa powder on top.

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