tip by taylor
credit to @katieboocastronovobieber 
Ingredients -

+ yellow or white cake mix
+ whatever ingredients are on the cake box
+ cupcake pan
+ 12 vanilla twinkies
+ 48 white smarties
+ black & grey icing, in a small tipped icing container
+ 24 blue cupcake wrappers
+ O1 container of chocolate jimmies
+ O1 container of vanilla frosting
+ large bowl
+ electric mixer

Directions -

+ make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box
+ put the cupcake wrappers in the pan
+ fill two-thirds of the wrappers with batter
+ put in oven for how long the box says
+ let them cool, then put on the vanilla frosting
+ put cupcakes in the fridge for 1O minutes
+ cut each twinkie in half
+ put the jimmies into groups of 3
+ put the smarties into groups of 2
+ place half of a twinkie on the top center of the cupcake
+ put three jimmies on the top of the twinkie as hair
+ put a little bit of black or grey frosting on the back of the smarties and put it on the twinkie
+ put the grey icing around the smarties and in O2 lines on the side of the twinkie for the glasses
+ use the black icing to make a mouth for the minion
+ enjoy your minions

+ i did not come up with this idea, @katieboocastronovobieber did. 
+ do not say i copied. i asked for permission.

katies - http://www.polyvore.com/how_to_make_minion_cupcakes/set?id=36194280
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