The color of life, passion, love, pain, so many emotions jar the eye. Stop signs, red lights, targets, flares, all to grab your attention. Seen in so many ways
  • Sans titre #1987
    "I don't know an artist aside Valentino, that has made red such a delectable confection, it's great contrasted by the tarnished stripes above. She is more pristine with this reminder of grime above. amazing set" — leotajane
  • Contemplation
    "her red eye lids & dress have such life & breath in them. I see more of the details & trickery on the eyes (no pun intended) The striations within the piece going horizontal then the lines on the frame gluing it all together. Sublime" — leotajane
  • antbrow
    "The intensity of this piece is almost overwhelming. As Shakespeare wrote so many plays of pain, heartbreak and conflict, he also included comic relief, This piece is a celebration with outlets of comic relief all over it!" — leotajane
  • Acropolis
    "omg this is off the world charts of best canvas of the year. I love the checkers and the fresco feel of the wall coverings , the cream old colors with the accordion like features in the lines oh this is bliss. I love Red in an ancient ritualistic way." — leotajane
  • I
    "Red is a mire accent to this amazing collage of art, repetition, royalty, headless suits, talking in ticker tape, large red quotations telling us to raise our fingers and bend the top two twice, Brilliant moment in time" — leotajane
  • The Armani Armada Strikes Again
    "Armani Red, Prada red znd Calvin Klein color blocked shoes with Red a very powerful "power outfit"" — leotajane
  • Victim
    "potent painting "Victim" struggling with having something already happened & being defined by it then learning to let go, What will happen to this form this depersonalized human will they come back or are they destroyed forever??? That is my take, amazing" — leotajane
  • Seeing
    "The balance of this set with the structure off center forces the viewer to have a balance on the other side. Texture, splats of paint, the fence leading us thru the piece theflowers guide us along. This is brilliant & beautiful" — leotajane
  • Untitled Umbrellas #1012
    "Geisha's walking "after midnight" in their ever so high shoes, the colors mixing their world together the reds like the clue to hold their street together, your eyes never rest looking at this piece. Remarkably beautiful." — leotajane
  • The Piano Player
    "Peppered all over the piece the color red clues the set together. All of the different textures, prints and images are enhanced by the color making it so very important" — leotajane
  • little reminder 16 (stop series)
    "As a accent color red has this piece wrapped up. It directs the viewer to all details, even to point the way to start again or at first. Love it against the faded pages" — leotajane
  • Cat Eye Glasses
    "Our Red Rhadamanthine of Regal Repose has the vision of a alien queen coming to greet us mere mortals to grace us with love & affection. We revel in her beauty & kindness" — leotajane
  • Don't
    "she is seething inside, a wrong has been done to her for no real reason other than envy of another. Tired of being a doormat she takes a stand. Masked b/c she is ashamed of her anger." — leotajane
  • Limbo Land
    "as the backdrop or accents to the main course red prevails in grabbing our attention, in the case bit of it across the eye, hanging in the tree contrasting the water the power never recedes. Makes you wonder" — leotajane
  • The Best Quotes in Life...
    "One object will catch your eye and there you have it, the red grabs you the lady makes you look at everything below and you are caught in her web. Of what I have NO idea. great point" — leotajane
  • Cat Eye Glasses
    "The color of everything, this dress is amazing the surrounding are suspect. "What is a girl like this doing in a place like this?" That is our question" — leotajane
  • Pamela III
    "Because I am a virgo and this explains what expensive innate style most Virgo's have. We are perfectionist. It is a curve, you have the most expensive taste & only the best will do." — leotajane
  • Sending you Love for The New Year
    "a collage of decadents, sprinkled with time, space & textures of all kinds makes this a rich vibrant piece one cannot help but gravitate to. Infectious" — leotajane
  • Color Block 13
    "This is what I call overwhelmingly good. So much to take in, the chaos is in pattern with us all, the red in all it's splendor rubs off the wood like they got married perfect piece!!!!" — leotajane
  • Life in the city
    "One is lucky to see life in the city, with all those amazing colors and shapes, a beauty to hang on the wall to bring the color and sound inside. Delightfully expressive in every way." — leotajane
  • Tentacle Tango
    "Check out how this artist put this piece together that is pure innate talent. love it!" — leotajane
  • Thought of the day
    "The perfect balance for the thought of the day" — leotajane
  • Cut out: Degas' angles
    "I love ballet. This piece defies gravity, brings color in cobalt blue & red new meaning, Disciple, direction & youthfulness come about when you look.A very unique, jetting lines coming out @ Tu-tu create an effect of stability & certainty. We are falling" — leotajane
  • 4:07am
    "My own creation, as a oil painting I crave the smell, feel and touch of a brush and to be able to create collage that gives this effect brings a sense of peace to my painter's heart." — leotajane
  • In Love
    "Our dame looks upon us like she owns this space, she's dancing in her heart, has her love IN her so much, stitched sewn never to leave. The red pronounces her devotion with guns a blazing. That is the power this color has over the human heart & mind." — leotajane
  • Separation card no.3 To the Sad Peg
    "lady love with her misfit man, silent yet able to reach her heart with touch. The red surrounds and warms her just by it's nature, red lips, desire, hold our gaze, wondering at this confusion of emotions & life." — leotajane
  • The road of flesh
    "A road of flesh like the saying a lb of flesh, walking it must be painful, a tree in deep rogue sprouts from it's ground, a red fence keeps us in. A wagon of birds lingers contrasting the message, confusing our minds of the intent." — leotajane
  • My mind's eye
    "Eye's are windows to the soul, when 1 looks upon this piece the first thing you notice is color of the eye, a rose replaced the iris, perfectly layered possession, emotion, reflection, the entire eye is surrounded by red like the entire piece. Powerful." — leotajane
  • The Moors
    "Nature gives us intensity of color when the sun rises & when it sets. Reds in various hues & saturation's with the land, clouds & water make heavenly atmospheres. Layers of the piece allows us a geographical cut of the sky & earth, lovely." — leotajane
  • a dream
    "Our maiden solidly strong unmovable bind us to the ground. As you move upward, airy, things start to fade, feelings, images & thoughts. The base like sediment of the sea settling at the bottom. The Woman's strength so reveling wisps of red remain tethers" — leotajane
  • understanding music
    "the tones of music carry the weigh of different colors, when listening to any music one can image a color or image working it's way into the piece. The rhythm, beat like a heart brings it all together" — leotajane
  • You better run, the city is burning
    "Horror, terror, destruction comes with the territory of this color, it mingles with the death & chaos abounding throughout this piece. Every image has been wrapped, peppered and touched by the blood, the flowers, the air. You cannot escape it." — leotajane
  • Untitled #2667
    "LOVE, words wrap around the admired like warm spring air filled with lilac & lavender. The beauty of the flowers, open inviting, petals of love me love me not." — leotajane
  • post mortem3
    "Death. Blood doesn't turn red until oxygen hits it. The heaviness of the bold top layer with the crosses to represent death, religion, atonement, cemetery, it grabs you makes you look down to see what has happened" — leotajane
  • Morning Limbering
    "Surrealism in numbers, the lips in numbers, make one wonder if they will act accordingly. Kiss, bite, eat, a paradox, the push pull effect very active and lovely yet totally scary." — leotajane
  • Happy B-day to Me and Rawrat
    "Vibrating boundaries extraordinary, the happiness from this piece works with the colors bouncing off each other. The redness is amazing bringing out the joy of the occasion" — leotajane
  • Into the Wild
    "a film strip lines the piece as if it were ripped out of the camera developed. The audience below glows like a gathering of human jellyfish ready to strike. Such a contrast to the top in the light with the leaves gently falling leading down into the dark" — leotajane
  • Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
    "Our heroine looks determined, tired, spent yet not giving up. She is surrounded by trial & error, the intensity of life's giving. A strong woman with a strong message for all." — leotajane


Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
A remarkable collection which I am honoured to be included in! : )

Wrote one year ago
thank you for adding my set. this collection is beyond amazing! ^_^

Wrote one year ago
Aww my partner in crime thank you for adding this in your Red Collection What sweet words from a sweet lady ! I am trying to catch up ...on sets going to to peek at your's <3

Wrote one year ago
Thanks for adding my set!

Wrote one year ago
This is wonder-full, and love, love your comments on them--makes it all so rich with goodness. Thank you so much for including one of mine :-)

Wrote one year ago
beautiful !!!
thank you ! :-)))

Wrote one year ago
Thank you for including me in this fantastic collection, I'm honored :))

Wrote one year ago
So far I am really liking this collection and am honored to be a part of it!! Hugs gail


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