This is going to be a two part one shot (oxymoron I know) and this is the first half. Enjoy!


I smoothed my gown and took a shuddering breath. All I could think was 'oh crap' as the limo rolled up to the crowds and cameras. My hands were sweating and my heart was racing. The flashing of paparazzi lenses only made everything worse and I knew for sure that when I stepped out, I would melt down entirely.
Well, either melt down or break my nose falling on my face in these heels. I was tall enough, why'd I have to wear these in the first place? Flats would have served me just fine.
A jab in my ribs brought me back to the present and I glanced over to see Chris Evans shooting me an expectant look. "Sorry," I whispered. 
"Get out," he hissed. 
I stood and gathered my skirts so I wouldn't trip and stepped out of the limo. Immediately, camera shutters filled the starry night and flashes blinded me. 
As panic began to set in, a strong arm behind my waist led me forward. "Just smile," Chris' voice interrupted my terror. "Smile and it'll all be over in a minute."
I nodded nervously and smiled for the cameras as we progressed down the roped off red carpet. With my best friend beside me and the others coming, I began to feel more relaxed and the smiling became easier.
A cameraman to my left shouted something incoherent and I turned to smile for him, expecting that's what he wanted. Surprisingly, he waved his hand impatiently and shouted again, "Pose with him!"
Chris laughed beside me and wrapped an arm behind my waist, pulling me into him. A genuine smile lit my face and the nerves began to melt away. Maybe this wasn't so hard after all. Things became even easier when Scarlett arrived in a lacy black gown that caused every head to turn. 
No longer the center of attention, Chris and I were able to continue down the rest of the line signing autographs and posing for very few pictures. In no time, the chaos portion of the night was over, and the real fun was about to begin.

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