red rouge and gowns won't make me more successful xoxo...

₪ introducing me ₪
₪ full name : Cecelia Cordelia Dior
₪ nickname(s) : CeCe and that's only because Cecelia's a mouthful.Don't even try calling her something else.
₪ pronunciation : See-see-lee-a Cord-ee-lee-a Dee-or
₪ get to know me ₪
₪ age : f i f t e e n
₪ date of birth : 24th of December.
₪ place of birth : In Switzerland where the snow was falling and the last minute shopping was occurring 5 minutes away from the hospital.
₪ nationality / origin : CeCe is a Swiss hybrid of lusciousness.She's a quarter American because of her grandparents from her mother's side but apart from that CeCe has a clean Swiss heritage.
₪ beneath your beautiful ₪
₪ appearance : Those full swiss lips that look oh so kissable and that slightly heart shaped face that is framed in a wavy format by CeCe's silky caramel locks.She is 5'8 and has somewhat of a model's body with her tiny waist allowing her to look good in any outfit and she has a slight model curve to her body which makes her looks more like a model than an average fifteen year old.
₪ personality : CeCe is the life of the party everywhere,even in class.She's rebellious and distinctive never letting you forget her.She is charming and laid back with a cool self exterior.She isn't mean or judgemental but she has some oh so spicy comebacks that she's ready to use on anybody,even teachers.Usually getting her into a good amount of trouble.Trouble follows CeCe everywhere,it's addicted to her-or is it the other way around?Cece has a dry sense of humour as well as also being extremely sarcastic.Her stubborn personality mass her the even more alluring to anyone.CeCe is more of a fun socialite than a snob socialite which are two very different types of socialites although she will present herself with class everywhere she goes.She can be elegant and she can be calm but she knows she can't mess up because she just doesn't believe in that word-she believes in everyone,no matter who they are...unless she gets angry of course,which rarely ever happens but when it does it evermore dangerous.
₪ dig a little deeper ₪
₪ biography : Darling little Cecelia was the darling that everyone just had to love...until she turned five.Then everything she changed,when she was eight,her mother wanted her to start the flute,she wanted to start learning the electric guitar,when she was nine she began skateboarding rather than rollerskating like her posh diligent brother suggested.So you see how darling Cecelia came to be,people started getting disappointed about the real her leaving her forgotten in the shadow like her mother's old Gucci gowns.She didn't care but she had to care eventually,but alas something did grow out on CeCe-her fashion sense.She started taking particular attention to designer brands which somehow made her mother proud and her father yawn.CeCe used to that to gain more respect and when a model scout asked her to model in an add campaign for H&M her mother looked at her with proud eyes and although modelling was not what CeCe ever intended to do,she did it-just like that,in a flash.Cece doesn't want to change herself anymore so her plan was to come here for away from her parents and finally be herself with no 'grand' expectations-just her camera and her highly expensive designer wardrobe.
₪ family :
Mother- Amelia Dior- Former supermodel who enjoys her lifestyle and is the typical rich housewife that everybody loves to gossip about.
Father- James Dior-He's the kind of clever,cunning businessman that thinks about strategies more than sensibility.
Brother-Evan Dior- 22- He works in a fancy old publishing company for children's books.
₪ dirty little secrets ₪
₪ secret It was last year when CeCe was only a mere fourteen years of age,it was an after party for a private fashion show when a 2o year old man asked her a question she had no answer to so he handed her a small; plastic bag with white powder contained inside and later that night when CeCe was home she contemplated on whether she should drink it or not and after half an hour of deciding she took a glass of water
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Wrote 4 years ago
placed it on a table and drank it along with the powder.Drugs can be deceiving and that day it deceived our very own Cecelia.
₪ flaws : CeCe gets a little too wild at parties,it's just in her nature...and the alcohol.She has a tendency to be somewhat too nice with everything she says,making it even more harder to say no when she knows she has to.
₪ the little things ₪
₪ possessions : Her phone is a black iPhone 4s as she believes they are better than the version five after trying it out last month but then buying yet another iPhone.She has customised white leather case with her name written in rhinestones at the top.She has a pristine personally made pink apple macbook pro with her name engraved under the apple logo on the top.She was promised a silver porsche when she turns 16 although all CeCe wants is her skateboard back although she knows she'll never get her childhood back.
₪ style : CeCe may not be the spoilt goddess everyone wants but she knows what she can wear and what she can't.Her style is always designer and up to date as well as classy,elegant and only just slightly fierce.
₪ additional information : When you meet her you'll know more.
₪ pick your place ₪
₪ desired clique : You can choose (:


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