Hello lovelies! Its @xoxo-amyyy and I'm about to start redecorating my room so I want to give you a few tips on the subject!

O1. Color Scheme♥
-So for this one its all about what you want your room to feel like. Whether you want a peaceful sanctuary or a summer oasis you need certain colors. So I'll list some good colors for different moods you want your bedroom to set♥

-For a fun feeling room, colors like orange, peach, yellow and pink really set a good vibe.

-Blue, green, pale yellow and beige are really good for a calm feeling room.

Relaxing oasis♥
-I'm leaning towards this for redoing my room, the colors I'm choosing are going to alternate walls from a lilac to a grey. I get headaches often and when I just want to curl up with a good book or watch a rerun of vampire diaries those colors are perf♥

Beachy paradise♥
-Aqua, mango, coral and pastels make for a beachy feel and they're always really fun and bright!

Sleepy sanctuary♥
-For when your room is only for a good nights sleep, deep colors like red, indigo, grey, and dark purple can make you drowsy just by looking at them!

-When you need a place to escape from reality for a little while a light sky blue can make you feel like a bird spreading its wings and taking off to paradise♥

O2. Key elements♥

-The main element of your room is your bed, its the make or break of how you envision the essence of your room. The best thing to remember while buying a bed is how comfortable it is. everyone has their own preference for this topic, for me its big, cool and comfy. I like packing on the blankets at night, so I need a bed that stays cool, and one that's cushy but not so much so that you feel like your sinking in. While shopping for a bed, don't stop until you find the PERFECT bed, or you and your back will regret it later. 

-A comforter is the statement piece of your main element, or like the icing on the cake. Of course you want it to be darling, but would you settle for itchy and scratchy and the most adorable pattern, or charming and feeling like you're being hugged by a marshmallow? My favorite type of comforter is a goose feather down comforter. That's what I have. They can get expensive though, but I suggest, if money is a problem, finding one on Amazon. That's what I did, mine was I think $100 and I got it for $40 on sale at Amazon. If money isn't an issue, I recommend shopping at PB teen for a comforter. My friend Naomi bought hers there and its to die for.
Also with down comforters, a duvet cover (pronounced do-vay) is a very popular addition. I'm currently shopping for one. A duvet cover is a cover to go on your down comforter, because a down comforter generally comes in white. They make the cuteness. I need a duvet cover badly because I have two dogs. They jump on my bed and stain the white. Its rough. But my favorite style is ruffled covers, that's what I'm going to get. example; http://allwomenstalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/7-gorgeous-duvets-from-urban-outfitters/waterfall-ruffle-duvet-cover_7-gorgeous-duvets-from-urban-outfitters.jpg

(sorry for the long link)

O3. Furniture♥
-Your furniture is also key in your room. Whether you want classic dark wood or chic white. When deciding, be sure to take into consideration your color scheme. If you want a fun, beachy theme, go for the white. But if you want a soothing, sleepy time paradise go for a dark wood. 

O4. Other♥
Here are just a few things you should consider while redoing your room, if you want them.

♥Chalkboard wall
♥Accent pillows
♥Lights (like in the set picture)
♥Hooks for scarves and such
♥What type of fan you want

Next time you redo your room I hope this set comes in handy!! 

xoxo, amy!
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