FIRST: I am from the south and proud and this set is not done to offend anyone who wears plaid, boots, or camo. That is such a common belief that it drives me crazy!! No, this is to take the actual "trailer trash redneck" to reality. How to do it:
-flannel or plaid shirt (camo works also) tied up to the belly and very low cut. Can wear a bandeu underneath if you prefer or a bikini top instead of a bra
-daisy duke style shorts or mini skirt with belt buckle
-large hair-sprayed and crimped/curled hair with a spray tan, bright red lipstick, and a barbed wire tat
-boots...if you want unless you want to do the whole 'barefoot and pregnant' thing then don't even bother with shoes :)
-cigarettes and beer along with a camo or cowboy hat
-southern accent and blacked-out tooth
feel free to add whatever else you think will work :)
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