I collapsed on my bed in my dormitory. My roommate, the assiduous Turkish exchange student, was no where to be found. I found a box of her vanilla cookies sitting on the plush futon and took one. My cell phone rang as I was biting into a vanilla cookie.
"Hey, Gigi," my brother spoke over the phone, "A bunch of my friends are hosting a mixer this weekend in Cambridge. I've told them about you. Wanna come?"

I rolled my eyes, "I'll be there, Andrew, if you promise it won't be lame and boring."

"Haha," I could see his eyes twinkling. "It would be a great chance for you to meet some of my friends. Saturday afternoon, perhaps?"

"Alright. I'll see you then." I said, hanging up.


"How do I look?" I asked Anna, my room-mate, attempting to bond with her for once. She seemed utterly uninterested, as she continued conjugating Latin verbs. I rolled my eyes, examining my slightly-sheer lavender blouse and creme skirt. I grasped onto my Miu Miu clutch and applied a layer of lipstick. "I'm going to stay in Cambridge for the weekend," I spoke, as I brushed my hair. "If Luke comes in, tell him I'm spending the weekend at my brother's apartment."

Anna didn't respond. Yale had wayyy too many overly-studious personalities. I took my clutch, my suitcase, and left for the train to Boston, relieved to leave New Haven.

"Luke," I spoke over the voice mail as I boarded upon the train, "Hey, sweetheart. You know that dinner party you were talking about? Cancel that. I'm spending the weekend in Cambridge with my brother. Totally unannounced, I know. But anyways... good luck on your law school interviews. Love you."


I arrived at my brother's apartment in Cambridge at night, a quaint brown apartment complex. I took the elevator to his apartment, checking my makeup in the mirror. I had been to my brother's place a couple of times, in an attempt to be more connected to him. To tell the truth, they were utterly boring. It was mostly filled with men enrolled at my brother's school, Harvard Law, who were less interested in campus gossip than philosophical arguments. And they played the most ridiculous, quiet jazz music and there was no maitre d in sight. The women who did attend these mixers were utterly boring too, and seemed to care less about their appearance and social standing than most of the New Haven parties I had been in the past.

I checked my phone. No answer from Luke. He was acting so strange this week, first ignoring me. We hadn't seen each other the entire week. The thought troubled me, as I approached my brother who was in the middle of a conversation. "Pushkin was clearly the better writer than Tolstoy... Oh, everyone, this is my little sister, Regina."

"Hi," I waved, slightly glumly. They studied me, noticing that I looked unusually attractive compared to the crowd of the mixer. I whispered in Andrew's ear, "I'm sort of having a rough week and I needed to get away from New Haven. Where's the drinks?"

He pointed to the wine and cheeses on the table and I walked towards them, pouring myself a glass and gulping it down in utter guilt. By the third drink, I had lost sense of the people around me and was feeling slightly light-headed. I was about to lie down in Andrew's bedroom, alone, to contemplate my life, when I felt his hand take my arm. Soon, I was quite sure that I hugging someone instead of shaking their hand (alcohol makes one a little too friendly). Someone said "sophomore at Harvard Law School, undergrad at MIT" and he stood out from the crowd in a crisp navy sweater and collared shirt. 

Deja vu. This was probably the second or third time I had done this, with varying degrees of drunkenness, but always done with the introduction of someone else. The first time, it was at one of Andrew's friends apartments, and he tried to initiate conversation with her about the varying degrees of Gothic architecture in Yale vs. Harvard. She later joked about how dorky he was to Luke the next day. By the fourth time, he cracked a smile and said, "We've met before."

"I'm sorry... I don't remember you name," 

"You're Regina, right? I'm Dean. Dean Laurence."

And then it all clicked. "Dean! You were at that party, and another party."

"And the other one, and another one before that. That's me."

Then, Andrew took me by my shoulder and led me to visit his new girlfriend. He waved goodbye but I didn't know how to respond.


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