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Addison Gonzales
@lemonade-lagoon @wakeupfarah look, I wrote something. It's horrible but oh well.


“Jesus, Addison! Really?!” Billie’s judgmental tone rang through the quaint, little shop. As she stared at my haggard appearance with disdain, no words were needed to know what she was referencing. She liked people to be put together, kept nicely, and [preferably] bathed. I was none of those things. Between work, the finalization of my parent’s divorce, and the shit-hole I call a “love life”, I had no time to think of my clothes, hygiene or ratty hair. 

For over a month, I had managed to live off of little to no sleep, junk food, dirty laundry and 3 minute showers. Between my client’s and my mother’s constant calls, I had completely eaten through my minutes and no doubt guaranteed that I will die from an iPhone-shaped, brain tumor. Needless to say, I was having a rough time.

I threw a death stare her way before grabbing the menu and scouring the pages for a greasy, fatty refuge. No such luck, however. Lily, who has been on a recent health kick, picked the restaurant and--by the looks of this kale-heavy menu--she’s dragging us down with her. “Seriously, since when does brunch have a dress code? Back off.” 

Lily agreed quietly as she sipped her tea. Billie geared up to start with me again as I cut her off, “No. Mm-mm. Every once in a while, we are allowed to have an off day. Today is my off day. And let’s be honest, tomorrow will probably be an off day for me too.” 

“Eh, for safe measure, why don’t we just call it an off week and leave it at that?”

“YES! Lily gets me! Let’s set the bar low, like, SUPER low.”

“So, like, if at some point this week she should manage to put a comb through her hair, we’ll all be SUPER proud of her.” Lily chimed in with extreme condescension. It seems she wasn’t on my side after all. 

I groaned loudly, like a middle child yearning to escape the taunts of her siblings. 

I need new friends.
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