Inspired by
Reindeer Age, by Closure In Moscow
You know what's really depressing?
I have no life.
I go to school. I learn stuff, but basically every day is the same.
I learn stuff I don't give a f.uck about.
Like, when is knowing how old the Earth is or how to calculate the hypotenuse of a triangle going to help ME in MY life?
It might be useful information to some people (like my dad, who was all like, "I use that every day!"), but I already know I'll forget all that and never ever even think of it again as soon as I get out.
I listen in class sometimes, and yeah, I guess I learn. And then on weekends I see my friends sometimes, and yeah, I guess I have fun.
But just the thought of it...
the thought that I have 2 1/2 years of high school left, and then 2 years of CEGEP, and then a few more years of university before I can have a LIFE.
So freaking depressing.
*rant over*
Well anyway, how is everybody?
29 days until November 1st. 
Oh, and guess what?
The guy I like loves alcohol, is a total stoner and has a partying problem.
Well gnight.
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