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+ name; luanna rue van wierdyn
+ nickname; lu, v-dub
+ age; seventeen
+ likes; school, tea, going to parties, getting involved with her mother’s projects, country music, nice arms on guys, yoga and pilates, social drinking, late nights.
+ dislikes; small talk, beer, coach, unpainted nails, most of the girls at constance, assumptions, facebook, Chinese food, the wilderness, figuring out the future.
+ personality; has a hard time starting up conversations with people, therefore most people assume she’s stuck up and a b-tch, but once you get to know her she’ll rarely shut up; highly opinionated though so people do often think she’s a b-tch.
+ appearance; brunette with blue eyes and thick eyebrows, slim and small framed.
+ style; Kind of all over the place but all high end designers. She doesn’t really like to stay with one aesthetic or style.
+ family; 
Lon Van Wierdyn, 45 – Hedge fund manager [Aaron Eckhart]
Gwendolyn Van Wierdyn (nee Asher), 43 – Philanthropist [Gwenyth Paltrow]
Hudson Patrick Van Wierdyn, 19 – Student at Columbia [Boyd Holbrook]
+ past/current relationships; 
Sloan Levenbrae, 18 – the boy next door. Literally. The Van Wierdyns and the Levenbraes moved into the penthouses in buildings across the street from one another just over twenty years ago and there they’ve stayed. It was written in the Upper East Side stars that Sloan and Luanna would end up together. Despite their parents’ push towards one another, the two grew up not being able to stand one another. That was up until a couple months ago and now they couldn’t imagine not being together. 
[Chris Hemsworth]
- Trip Huntington, 20 – Aside from Sloan, Luanna dated Trip Huntington, Ryan’s older brother, in freshman year. He was a senior when she was a freshman. They dated for almost a year before Trip went away for college. She was her first and only before Sloan.
[Ian Somerhalder]
+ best friends;
Keane Giles, 17 – the guy who goes to St Jude’s on an academic scholarship. The girls won’t talk to him because they think he’s beneath them, but what they don’t know is that his family owns most of Detroit – he lives with the Van Wierdyns when at school as Gwen and his father, Jaxon went to Yale together.
[Taylor Kitsch]
+ bio; Born to your typical Upper East Side trust fund parents Lon Van Wierdyn, a successful hedge fund manager and Gwendolyn Van Wierdyn, the prized daughter of UES royalty the Asher family and esteemed philanthropist running The VWA Foundation, it was basically expected that Luanna was destined for greatness. But she’s festering – it’s junior year and Lu has no clue what she wants to do with the rest of her life. College? Marriage? Kids? Staying in New York or finally leaving and getting out of the wet blanket she feels she’s been stuck under her entire life.
+ dating status; In a relationship with Sloan Levenbrae
+ model; Elouise Morris
+ taken by; @vogueapparel
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