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63.The best Leader of K-Boy Band 
Eric Mun[Mun Jung Hyuk] Leader of Shinhwa

So,today i'll write about Eric and some story of them.

From all the groups i was following i can called myself "Shinhwa changjo" with proudly said.
and Shinhwa is my first ever group that i'm crazy about it,my second sis is a big fan of them sure fans ages over 25 know better than me.

My choice go to Eric without thinking twice maybe new K-pop fans don't know how great Eric is.
he not just a good looking ahjusshi he is someone can lead the group with all the situation.

"Eric and the controversy with SM"
Shinhwa was debuted under SMEnt since 1998
until leave the company on 2003 
Shinhwa is first group that had conflicted with SM not TVXQ [but SM did cover it but we can see it on K-news/articles]started with Andy leaving group in short period on 2001,SM not promote Shinhwa like they did to H.O.T,Shinhwa never win under SM
the controversy come to peak when SM decided to picked only Shin Hye Sung[lead vocal],Junjin[lead dancer] and Eric to be with SM
But Eric decided to leave SM with all the member to created new company Good Ent,Shinhwa doesn't have the Letter symbol of group that SM was created for them it's copyright they said,Shinhwa has only Orange color is a symbol of the group,Eric used his money[he kind of richer than other member he did joke later on Yashimanman] to pay back to break the contract.
after they leave the first album brand new had won the grand prize Daesang awards same year as Rain&TVXQ starting their bright road on K-pop.

I want to say based on the situation like this Eric chose member even he know that leave a big company like SM isn't a good way to shine.
for me Eric did a good job ,he's truly a leader,he not chose money... what if TVXQ choose their way like Shinhwa we'll have a chance to see as 5?
what if Yunho do the same as Eric? we never get to know !! [well,the wiki said the different stories that fans/media news used to know** from wiki Shinhwa had expired contract with SM oh,what? i'm not young to forgot the situation lol ]

However,Shinhwa&Eric is the best.
my personal stop into SM after TVXQ controversy Thanks to EXO then i comeback again but never thinking to SM is a great company.
they create great idol but not treat them well.
[i'll back to write about SMEnt story in my big 3 K-Company later]

This is a story that i used to know during they were active..[kinda long story]
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