I'm bored and this looked fun so I decided to do it!

My bed: Doesn't that bed look so pretty omg I want a headboard like that or one thats just square with the buttons. 
My house: I don't need a big place, a cute little spacious loft apartment in the city is perfect for me. I especially love the places like in the picture; a little rustic but still very classy, luxurious and clean-cut
I look out the window: I love flowers, so I'd love to have a little garden with a bunch of beautiful and colourful flowers.
Then I eat: Avocado is so yummy and I love it in a sandwich so I could eat this 24/7.
What I wear: I love that skirt paired with a button up top and those tights are my favourite! I adore the design; the whole looks-like-a-garter thing. 
My best friend: Emma Stone for sure! She is one of my favourite actresses ever and I adore her! I think she'd be awesome to hang out with!
What we are going to do: I don't know if this one was for the best friend one or the boyfriend one but it applies for both; I love going for drives around the city and road trips would be so incredibly fun!
I spend the night with the boyfriend: MR DYLAN O' FREAKING BRIEN (or Harry Styles would be great too but y'know)
What we are going to do: Well the photo's self explanatory and I mean who wouldn't with that perfect piece of human. 

Finally got around to buying leather shorts today omg I'm in love with them. They're so comfy! 
Can someone suggest a movie for me to watch? There's nothing interesting on TV and I'm tired of watching the same movies over and over again. Some suggestions would be lovely please? :)
ok yeah idk what else so say so
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