8/2/13 Happy August! Almost fall, excited! Fall fashion is the best. Here is a quick Kayture set, I have not used her pics in a set in forever. She looks really great in these pics and I love the background and lighting. Hope you like! 

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1. Kitten Update: In my last set I mentioned that this cute little kitten came my door and I was torn between keeping it and giving it away. Well, it was not getting along with my other 2 cats….they would be in hiding all day and they seemed unhappy. So, we had to give the little guy away. It was sad, and I felt bad giving it away. I text so many friends and messaged them trying to find an owner, finally a friend of my friend wanted it so I dropped it off. I felt soooo guilty leaving it…I just hope he is happy and is well-taken care of…I can only hope! 

2. Anyone with an iPhone maybe you can help! I really want new ringtones, the ones I have are sucky and overused by everyone. Any good apps or anything you use to get cool ringtones? Or anyone know how I can get a song to be the ringtone? I am not good at all with these things, any help would be great! (: 

3. So I’m like really sad this weekend because VidCon is happening 30 minutes away from me and I’m not there!!!!!!!!!! VidCon is this giant Youtube Convention where all these Youtubers meet. And it’s right near where I am…not even 30 minutes away. When I tried to get tickets they were all sold out (I mean the regular one day ones). All these amazing Youtubers are right in my area and it’s so weird to think about it haha. Like they are just a few cities away from me! I’m really hoping after VidCon they hold some meet-ups or something, I will definitely try to attend! I’ve got lots of friends who love Youtubers just as much as I do and it would be fun if we all went. I’m so bummed I’m missing out, hopefully next year I will be able to go. 

4. QOTD: How did you discover Polvyore?
I was browsing the "Fashion & Beauty" section on Yahoo Answers (forgot what I was doing there?) and one questions was "What do you think of my Polyvore sets?" So I clicked her sets and began to explore the website! The rest is history lol. 

Have a good weekend whatever you may be up to! :) 

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