[collab with my amazing randi ♥ it's long and dirty, warning]


As I turned the corner of the hallway I bumped into a rock hard body.
"Where are you going gorgeous?", Matt's low voice whispered into my ear as he wrapped his arm around my body.
"Uhm I need some fresh air", I slurred leaning my forehead against his chest.
He lifted my chin with one finger, raising one eyebrow, "why are you wearing sunglasses baby?", he asked.
"Because...", I trailed off shrugging, my mind totally blank.
"You're wasted", he ended my sentence sighing as he picked me up by the waist and threw me over his shoulder.
"I'm not", I muttered under my breath as he started walking, feeling my head becoming lighter and lighter until everything was black.

[flashback- 2 years before]

"And you are?", a skinny boy asked me as he ignored the other girls staring at him.
"Gorgeous", I smirked taking a few step away from the crowd, swaying a little.
"I agree on that", he grinned looking at my body like he was sizing me, "I'm Matt".
I bit on my bottom lip, tossing my hair back casually with one hand, "I know. You've been great on stage"
"I'm glad you seen me.. People tend to ignore the drummer." He shrugged, rolling his eyes a bit, "That was just my position tonight.. I also sing in my own band."
"You're hard to ignore, Matt.. I know plenty of positions though.. Probably not the sort you're thinking about." I met his eyes in a dare then looked around again.
He took the bait, "Trust me, I have a very good imagination in many things with plenty of drive." He grinned again, winking at me.
"That has yet to be seen. We've just met.. I don't trust strangers." I shook my head, reaching out to brush a damp lock of dark hair from his forehead, my fingertips tracing along the side of his handsome face.
"You know my name and what I do for a living.. I think that's grounds enough to get a bit closer.. You do match your name though.. Gorgeous." He stepped closer to me in the busy bar.
"If I was the kind of girl who blushes, I'd blush right now", I smirked, pressing my body against him as someone brushed behind me.
He wrapped his arm around my waist, bending his head over my ear whispering, "I'm sure I could find a way to make you blush".
"Oh really? how?", I turned my head slightly, so that my lips were brushing his cheek.
"I have a few ways in mind", he said against my neck, his breath hitting my skin and giving me goosebump.
"I bet they all involve you screaming my name", I grinned placing a hand on his chest.
"Should I keep calling you gorgeous or you have an actual name?", he asked pulling away a bit just to stare at my eyes.
"I'm okay with gorgeous", I smiled biting my lip, "but it's Stella actually".
"Do you mind if we get out of here Stella?", he asked, "it's a little too crowded".
"Okay", I shrugged as he took my hand, leading me outside the bar.
Matt took a deep breath as we stepped outside, the air was clear unlike the smoky bar. He looked back to me and he smiled.
"So.. Where are you taking me?" I inquired as we walked along the sidewalk.
"I was going to get a new tattoo. The guy that does most of mine is in the city again. I understand if you're afraid of needles though." He shrugged his shoulders, reaching in his jacket pocket for his cigarettes.
"I'm not scared of anything.." I answered firmly.
He arched a brow and a smile tugged at his lips, "Interesting.. We'll see. Going to get one, Stella?.."
"We'll see." I repeated him, taking my hand from his, "Are you going to give me one of those?" I indicated to his pack of cigarettes.
He put the cigarette between his lips, "I don't share..", he muttered taking his zippo out to light it, taking a drag.
"I don't need you permission.." I took the cigarette from his lips to place between my own.
He arched a brow then smiled, "The first one's free." He muttered lighting a second.
"And the second one?", I asked tilting my head up to look at him.
"There's a price to pay", he smiked glancing at me.
I stopped, taking the cigarette between my fingers after taking a long drag, "Can I prepay?".
"It depends on how", he said as he stopped too, looking at me amused.
I licked my upper lip, smirking as I placed my hand against his chest to shove him against the wall and capturing his bottom lip with my mouth, nipping it as I pulled away.
He tried to catch my wrist to pull me into him again, but I was quicker and I started walking, "The first one's free", I said over my shoulder.
He shook his head smiling as he reached me in a few steps, "Not bad".
I smirked, tucking a wisp of my hair behind my ear, "I owed it to you".
"Mmm.. Nice payback.." Matt replied, opening the door when we reached the tattoo shop.
"So it seems.." I spoke as I looked around the small parlor, waiting for him to come stand next to me before leaning up, "Is this place safe?"
His brows knitted together, thinking a moment, "The place is fine.. I trust them enough to give me tattoos." He shrugged off his jacket, showing off the half sleeve he had so far. "If you want something I'll pay for it.. I'm in a generous mood." He smirked, a bit of a challenge in his tone as well.
"I don't let guys pay for my tattoos", I said as I brushed his tattoed skin with my fingertips. 
He smirked leaning into me, "Do you already have some gorgeous? I haven't seen any on your skin so far".
"You haven't seen much of my skin", I bit down on my bottom lip, battering my lashes at him.
"Am I going to see more?", he retorted glancing at my body wrapped in a tight dress.
"I'm not drunk enough to f.uck you", I grinned hooking the collar of his tee with my finger and pulling him into me.
"But you're drunk enough to get a tattoo", he whispered, his eyes bouncing between my lips and my eyes.
"Yes", I chuckled unintelligently as I pulled away from him and I sat on a chair, "But only after you".
"I'm not known for my patience.. Maybe a bit of flash tonight.." Matt ripped his gaze away from me to move over to the wall, drawing off his t-shirt. I observed his body: he was skinny but had lean muscle as well, abs lightly defined...I like it. He looked over the flash posters on the wall before pointing out a tribal looking symbol.
I sat up in the chair, glancing over at him where he stood, "Did you decide? What is it?"
"Capricorn.. My sign.." He showed it to the artist that came out of the backroom so the man could get the transfer of it. Matt turned back to me, arching a brow, "What about you?"
"I don't know", I pouted my lips looking at him as he sat on the tattoo chair, "I need your advice".
"I don't even know you, a tattoo is kinda personal, you know.", he said in a serious tone.
I sighed, shaking my head, "I was joking...I think I want a three".
"Like...the number?", he said raising one eyebrow at me.
"Yes", I nodded biting down on my lip.
"That's random", he pointed out looking at me puzzled.
"Not for me", I shrugged standing up and walking close to him, bending over him to cup his face and kissing him slowly.
"I didn't know Matt has a girlfriend", the tattoo guy said from behind me.
I pulled away from Matt, staring at his eyes smirking, "only for tonight".
"Yea.." Matt chuckled, his eyes following me as I went to sit back down. The transfer was placed on his left side of his chest while he leaned back as the tattoo artist got ready. He turned his head to look at me again, "Going to tell me what the three means later?"
"Possibly?" I smiled in a mysterious way.
"Ready, Matt?" The guy asked.
"Yeah sure.. " He answered, his eyes looking to me.
"Matt.. You're staring..." I murmured.
"Problem?" He asked with an arch of his brow, a smirk tugging at his lips.
"Not really", I shook my head as I stared back at him, "your eyes are so...intense", I said finally.
"Intense?", he repeated looking at me with an amused face.
I felt myself blushing as I bit on my smirking lips, trying to find the way to explain myself, "Like...I don't know, but they're gorgeous." I said finally.
"Thank you", he said quietly as a smile appeared on his face, "Yours are more gorgeous though."
I looked away as I wasn't able to stare at him anymore for some reason. I had just met him but I already felt like we had a strong connection. Probably I was just f.ucking drunk. Still, he was so charming...
"Does it hurt?", I asked staring at the blood mixed with ink on his chest.
"Just a little, but I'm used to this kind of pain", he said casually.
I grabbed my chair from the seat and I dragged it next to him, "I don't doubt it", I said taking his right hand in mine, tracing the letters tattoed on his knuckles with the tip of my index finger.
"I had my first tattoo when I was sixteen and I've just been adding on since then." He indicated to me the brightly colored space that filled half of his arm so far.
"Very nice.. You have your own seascape going on.." I smiled, threading my fingers with his.
He gave my hand a light squeeze and smiled when I returned it, "Like you the meaning will be my own.." He smirked.
"But I want to know", I pouted leaning into him.
"Curious aren't you?", he grinned as he noticed how interested I was in the story of his tattoo.
"Yes, a lot actually", I said honestly, smiling, "I really want to know the meaning of all yours tattoo."
"Then tell me the meaning of the number three", he retorted grinning, tracing circles on the palm of my hand with his thumb.
"I will...later", I smirked.
"Fine, I'll do the same", he shot me a challenging look.
I bent my face over his, so that our lips were almost touching, "Can I convince you in some other way?", I asked licking my upper lip.
His eyes met mine, "I think we can come up with a way." A smile curled his lips before tipping his head so his lips just barely grazed mine. "Mmm.. I think it's your turn."
I glanced over at the tattoo artist who was just shaking his head at us, changing the needle and cleaning the machine. 
"Going to hold my hand?", I asked.
Matt lifted our hands, "I think we've got that covered."
"Lucky me", I grinned as we switched our places and I sat on the tattoo chair.
"You should tell me what do you want me to tattoo on your porcelain skin gorgeous", the guy smirked looking at me with a creepy smirk plastered on his face.
I shot him a death glare, slipping my hand from Matt's to point my index finger to my wrist, "Three thick black lines here", I said firmly.
"As you want", he shrugged taking a sharpie to draw the lines on my skin before starting to inject the ink under my skin.
I turned my head to Matt again, twirling my fingers around his, "Does it hurt?", he asked looking at me.
"Not as much as I thought", I lied, biting down hard on my bottom lip.
"Liar..." He laughed, squeezing my hand lightly.
"Maybe a little.." I shrugged. 
My tattoo was simple so it didn't take so long, soon enough there was a patch of gauze being taped over the fresh tattoo much like Matt had on his chest.
We headed over to the counter where Matt pulled back on his t-shirt and jacket, paying for both tattoos with his credit card. 
An arm went about her shoulders, "Come on.." He guided me out of the shop and down the sidewalk. "I actually don't live too far from here. I often perform at that club because it's within stumbling distance of my apartment if I can't drive."
I smirked, "Good to know.."
"I thought so." He shrugged his shoulders, "So.. Stella.. If I kidnap you for a couple hours will your friends report you missing?"
"Kidnap?" I arched a brow at him, "Hmm... I dunno really.. Sounds ambitious."
"Well... We do have to figure a way of get closer to reveal meanings behind certain things.." He wiggled his brows, "I like to take my time."
"Oh really?", I raised one eyebrow smirking at him as I snaked my arm around his waist, my hand lingering on his hip, "do you have any idea?"
He grinned, faking a thoughtful face as he fished a key out of his jeans pocket, stopping in front of a door, "Maybe."
"Do you mind to share?", I asked leaning against the wall, looking at him unlocking the door.
"I can't...if I told you it wouldn't work anymore", he smirked pushing the door open and making me go in first.
I walked in, turning to him as he closed the door behind hime, "I see...but I have an idea too." I said biting my lip to stop the wide smile that was about to cross my face.
"Do you mind to share?", he echoed me in a low voice, his eyes looking at me like he could read my mind.
"It starts like this", I smirked pushing him against a wall, pressing my body against his as I captured his lips with mine in a rough kiss.
A smile was hidden against my lips barely a moment before he was returning that kiss, his hand lifting to thread through my hair, cradling the back of my head. His other dropped to my waist to pull me tight against him, taking only a couple steps to reverse our positions.
I arched my body against his, nipping sharply at his bottom lip during the almost bruising kiss.
He took a sharp breath through his nose, his hand sliding beneath my top to skim his fingertips over my skin, making me shiver.
I parted my lips, letting his tongue sliding into my mouth and sucking it as my hands ran down his stomach, hooking his belt to press his body harder into mine.
He groaned into my mouth as I grinded my hips against his crotch, "Where's your apartment?", I choked out as I broke the kiss.
Matt didn't answer but grabbed my hand, leading me toward the door at the end of the hallway. 
I stared at him unlocking the door quickly before wrapping his arms around my body and pushing me into the his apartment before closing the door behind us.
He wasted no time to pull me deeper into his apartment, shrugging off his jacket and pulling off his shirt before his long arm wrapped around my waist to draw me close again, leaning in for another kiss as he walked backward.
I followed him, not breaking the contact save for pulling off my jacket, looking up at him in the dark a moment, my hands running over his lean chest to skim over the square of gauze there.
A smile tugged at his lips, pushing open the door to the bedroom behind him then he reached down, his hands cupping her backside to pick me up as he walked in.
I nipped on his bottom lip as he leaned me on his bed, his hands tugging at the hem of my top to help me to pull it over my head and tossing it on the floor.
He bent over me, placing open mouthed kisses down my chest, "just no bra or no underwear in general?", he whispered against my skin looking up at me.
I glanced at him smirking, "you should find it out".
He ran his hands down my sides, hooking my shorts and pulling it down my legs, "that's a nice surprise", he grinned as he glanced at my naked body.
I propped on my elbows to push myself up, "I think so", I said placing my hands on his belt, undoing his jeans.
Matt nodded, helping me with his jeans then shoving them down with his boxers to the floor. He moved forward, leaning my back on the bed.
I slid back, my arms reaching up to thread my fingers through his hair to draw him down for a kiss, my leg raising to hook over his hip to pull him closer.
He groaned as his hips bumped against mine, his tongue tangling with my own as he ran his hand down my side to grip my hip.
I gasped as I felt his fingertips skim over my p.ussy, my eyes darting up to his face to see his smile as a smirk tugged at my own lips, "Matt..."
"yes gorgeous?", he said in a low growl, smirking.
I tugged at his hair, moaning as he slip a finger into me, "Oh god".
He trailed his mouth down my chest, capturing my breast into his mouth as he flicked my nip with his tongue.
I rode his hand as he added another finger, increasing the pace.
"Matt", I choked out as I felt myself getting even wetter if possible, "I want you inside of me now".
"Yes, baby.." He drew his hand back to move between us, guiding his hard c.ck into me, a groan sliding from his lips with the way I gripped him.
I pressed my hip against his backside to have him deeper as his head dipped down to press his lips to my shoulder for a brief kiss before biting down.
I let out a loud moan as he started his pace, his hips rolling against mine in a steady pace that builded.
My hands brushed down his chest, tracing over his abs, my eyes meeting his light gaze and closing as he leaned in for another kiss, my hand tangling in his dark hair.
I adapted my lips to his before forcing my tongue into his mouth as I lifted my hips to feel more of him, the sound of his body crushing into mine driving me insane.
He ran his hands down my thighs, digging his fingers into my skin as he unhooked my legs wrapped around his waist to spread them before pulling out of me.
He broke the kiss as well, staring into my eyes with a smile that was too sexy for words as he forced his d.ick into me in one quick motion, hitting my spot at the moment.
I felt myself tighten around him and he swallowed hard, "F*ck.. Stella..", he choked out picking up where he left off, the arch of his hips matching the first to hit that spot again.
My breath quickened, my hands clutching at his forearms as I watched him, biting my bottom lip as my legs started to tremble, my words barely breathed, "Matt.. I.."
"I know.. Me too.. Come on, Stella.." He groaned, closing his eyes a moment then opened them when I cried out his name as my climax ripped through my body. He came as well as he arched his hips forward, leaning over me he pressed a hand to the bed. "Stella.."
"Mmm.." I lightly traced my fingertips down his spine as we both tried to catch our breath, "Is that it?", I whispered in a challenging tone.
He smirked, looking deeply into my eyes, "Hardly.. Let's go again..".
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