~Maroon 5, Beautiful Goodbye {from their new album! See belowwww :)}


Well this bloggy is going to be a lot shorter than it was because somehow it all got deleted... Erghhh. Let's try again...

1. I LOVE YELLOWWWWW. I wish it looked better on me :// But that Valentino dress is divine.
2. ZAC EFRON MY LOVE. Well one of my loves. I still haven't seen The Lucky One and I need my Zac fix! Maybe I will just watch 17 Again tonight :))
3. I bought Overexposed, which is the new Maroon 5 album, on Wednesday and I got the deluxe edition. I think it's really good but it is different from their other stuff, more pop I think. Kinda like Mylo Xyloto for Coldplay. Mylo Xyloto is still amazing and still Coldplay, it's just different. I think that's kinda the same for Overexposed for Maroon 5. My favorite songs off of it are One More Night (weird at first but it grows on you I think), The Man Who Never Lied, Ladykiller, Sad (oh my gosh gives me chills), and Beautiful Goodbye.
4. I got paid today yayyyy! We're probably gonna go to the outlets this weekend so I can maybe spend some of it... :)
5. Speaking of shopping, when we went to Ann Taylor a few weeks back, I tried on the most beautiful dress ever and it fit perfectly, but it was on sale for like $100. I was going to get it, but my mom said no even though it was my own money... Anyway when we go to the outlets I'm hoping they'll have it so I can get it! It's this dress by the way, I'm probably gonna use it in a set soon, and hopefully own it by then!! http://www.polyvore.com/spring_2012/thing?id=54897929
6. And when I (hopefully) get it, I can wear it to this fancy banquet my parents and I get to go to in July. It's for one of the scholarships I'm receiving and it's at this fancy expensive hotel downtown. We get to dress up and they present my scholarship there. My mom and I have actually been to the hotel for a wedding reception (it was beautiful and amazing, it was even featured in some local magazines and newspapers it was crazy and we were there!) so we're excited :)
7. It's so hot here... I want some lemonade... And coconut cream pie... #Food>People haha
8. SO EVER SINCE THE 1D CONCERT... Every time I listen to one of their songs I'm just like "oh my gosh they did this at the concert during this song" and I have all these emotions... And I can't watch any videos without fangirling way crazy and like... I don't know maybe I'm insane I just miss the concert so much gah! #DirectionerProblems
9. Has anyone seen Magic Mike yet? One of my friends wants me to go with her, but I know it's rated R for certain things... And I know I'm 18 but like I would feel uncomfortable probably... Haha but has anyone seen it, is it that bad? Let me know if you have!
10. Oh do you see those shoes I used and the shoes in the lower right corner picture? Yeah, they're the same... :)) #I'mAwesome #Swag


If you read the whole thing, please comment "I'm mentally polygamous and physically single" haha I feel like that's so accurate for a lot of us... xD
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