Remembering Prince 1958-2016 R.I.P.

I was lucky and fortunate to have seen Prince in concert for his Purple Rain Tour in Nov 1984, in Washington D.C. I was 17 at the time. My best friend Robin and I had been a huge Prince fans in the 80s. Robin passed away 3 years ago, she would have been 49 on April 21st 2016....the very day Prince passed away.
The very first 45 record I bought with my own money was "I Wanna Be Your Lover" for 98 cents at the local mall. BTW I still have the program from the concert, I wish I still had the t-shirt, not sure what ever happened to that. RIP Prince


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Thank you very much, for adding my set!!! Fantastic collection, love it and Prince!!!

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Wow it appears we are the same age because I was 17 in 1984 too and I mustve played Purple Rain over 1000 times that year. I wish I couldve gone to see him then, or ever, unfortunate,y, i never did. Theres a Prince cover band that plays Vegas though, Purple Rain, and the singer is such a huge fan of Prince, looks just like him and more spunds so much like him that if you really need a shot of Prince, this is the tribute band to see if you ever get to Vegas! Thanks for sharing your Prince story with us...

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Thank you for including my set and sharing your lovely story! You are lucky to have seen him in concert. I'm sure your friend gets to be his presence now! Amazing!

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thanks for adding my set...awesome collection

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great collection. thank you for including my set.

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thank you for including my set ❤

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Wonderful Prince collection. Thanks for adding my set ;D

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Love this beautiful collection...thanks for adding my set!

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Lovely collection full of beautiful tributes ♡♡ thanks for including my set

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Thank you for adding my set to your collection! :)

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Thank you so much for add my set to your collection, my dear !!!!! :))))))


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