Remy Sola <3

Remy Sola is an 18 year old girl who still looks like she's 14. She's not your average girl though. She has one special talent, that's compulsion, she can make any one do what she wants by just looking straight into their eyes. Well Remy was an orphan all her life until a demon found her and told her that her mother was proud of the lady she had become. In her search for her mother, Remy met Harry, a human man who worked for a supernatural mafia (that happened to kill Harry's daughter, Lisa). After the death of Harry, Remy left, falling back to drugs and alcohol life. But ever since then, she's be haunted by visions and nightmares. She's on the hunt for revenge in Harry's memory and also on the search for her two brothers.
This collection is for my newest role play character, I haven't used her yet but I'm already in love with her. And these are a few things she would wear.

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