Replacement for the ASK/ Style Advice Section -Although Polyvore closed down the 'ask' section, let's try to stay positive about it with an 'ask' group! Of course it won't be the same, but the idea is that people submit fashion/ makeup etc question sets, & then others tag them in an answer set (there are competitions as well, to give people's questions more exposure!)
The link is above, if anybody is interested? =] Feedback is always welcome by the way, so don't be afraid to PM me with suggestions for improvement! Happy 'asking' ;]

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Wrote two years ago
@mockedpickle Thanks, me too! Shame they closed it down though :(
-Oh well, hope you find the group useful! And if you have any improvement suggestions, fire away in PM! :)

Wrote two years ago
i really like this idea lol. the advice section was my all time favorite part of polyvore.

Wrote two years ago
@jennifersprague Here's a good link for websites that sell better-fitting tights ( When you say you're looking for 'plus-sized' tights though, I'm not sure what exactly you mean- are you looking for a control tummy band, looser hips/ thighs, more stretch, bigger rear area, reinforced/ stronger material?
Either way, some of the tips recommended are to never go for 'one size fits all' (I'm 5ft4 & a US size 4-6 on top, but 6-10 below- one size definitely does not fit all!) You could also try lowrise, tall style or maternity tights? Some of the brands recommended in the comments section of the article are: Express, DKNY, Commando, Falke etc (I guess we get what we pay for, eh?)
Anyway, sorry for the really long reply- but I hope it helps! Oh, & feel free to submit a set with your question (like shown in this collection) if you would like more answers to your question :)


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