I sighed, and I felt myself shake, "I don't know what I like more; Water or Jacob. Probably Water, because at least, I can avoid it..." I shook a little more, and Louis wrapped me in his arms, cringing slightly at the pain of something being pressed against his bruises. Amanda nodded, and frowned, "He was Becky's boyfriend a year ago." "I wanted to be loved... To have attention..." I admitted, my voice almost as shaky as my body, "And it was ok at first. But one day, I told him that we didn't have chemistry, and should just break up, before it got to hard." "That's when it got bad..." Amanda said. I nodded, "He accused me of cheating on him, which I never did, and told me he was never going to let me out of his sight." I felt a couple tears go down my face, but I was too worried to care, "So, I moved...."
"Moved?" Louis asked, letting me pull away, "He followed you here?" I nodded, "I moved 3 times, before I came here. Each time, he followed, and our meetings got worse." "First, it was just a screaming match, then it got violent." Amanda said, "He attacked any man, or person, Becky became close with. First, a warning, similar to your wounds." She gestured to Louis' lip, then she twisted her arm to reveal a small scar on her fore arm, "Then, it gets worse."
Louis looked horrified at the wound, "He attacked you too?" She nodded, "It would have been worse, if Becky didn't call for help." She sighed, "I followed Becky from Ohio, which was her last move, because I knew she needed somebody to help her."
I looked at Louis, and sighed, "I'm so sorry I pulled you into this. Get out while you still can." He looked at me, examining the fear and tears in my eyes. "I'm not leaving you, Becky." he said, "I care so much for you, and I am not letting some bully tear us apart."
He pulled me back onto him, as he tried to hide the pain he was in. "And I'm not going anywhere either." Amanda said. She looked at Louis, "Let me know if there's anything I can do." He nodded, and wrote something down and handed it to her, "If you see him, or he comes after you, call me." She nodded, and left.

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