Monday; Rest and Relax. The hotel is treating you to a day at the spa for helping them out the other day. Messages, pick your own Brazilian.

“Bianca will you please jus-“ Eli started for the thousandth time.

“No.” Was all I said as I skipped down some steps. I was on my way to get a massage that I could hardly wait for, especially when I saw who would be the masseuse.

“Bianca you know I didn’t mean it.” He said desperately.

“Really then why did you do it?” I asked turning on him. He flinched when he saw my face, most people did. The entire left side of my face was black and blue, and an ugly yellow on the edges of my jaw, not to mention the nasty goose egg on the back of my head. I even had some bruising on my shoulder blades.

“It wasn’t me, I-I wasn’t myself. I was already upset that you had gone outside for so long, and then Spencer came in behind you.” He sighed. “It just tipped me over the edge.”

I let my head fall forward, making my hair cascade down with it and took a deep breath.
“Look Eli, I understand that you take steroids, I‘m fine with that, it doesn’t bother me. But what it does to you emotionally, does. I’m fine fighting with you, I really don’t care about that either. But I will not tolerate being smacked around. No matter what state of mind you were in.” I said crossing my arms. He needed to understand this, anything else I could deal with but I did not date men you were in any way abusive.

“But that wasn’t me! You know me; I would never in my right mind hit you. Ever!” He said grabbing my arm to keep me from going any further. But I flinched away from him.

“Don’t touch me.” I said coldly. “I meant what I said Eli, so until you get anger management or you stop taking steroids, there will be no us.” I said walking swiftly away from him. I was kind of glad to be rid of him, he was obviously clingy and kind of needy, he always needed reassurance about things. Now that I though about it, he was downright annoying, but no matter how cheesy it sounded his good looks did distract me quite a bit.
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