Results and pertinent things

Results and other things you should be aware of for the Ashes
(Who sings the song when we win? Who's out of form? Who's fighting with who)
This collection is just information you might need for your story to lay it out because we can't have every player scoring a century. If you don't understand comment and I can explain.
To make this fair I assigned every character to an Australia player. For example Sean Cook is Shane Watson, Aaron Huntington is Michael Clarke and Carter Porter is Phil Hughes. The fate of your character relies on the fate of the cricketer your player is based on. [In writing the profiles I had rough ideas for most of them of which was based on who]
Like always I'm sorry if I'm making this overly convoluted I just don't like contradictions, and I'm always happy to answer questions. [Seriously though tell me if this makes no sense]

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