“Bye sweetie I’ll see you when you come to visit me.” I told Laura at the airport.
“I’ll miss you Elle.” She started to cry.
“Aww don’t cry.” I said, giving her a hug “Remember you guys are coming to visit us soon.”
“Why can’t I live with you.”
“Laura we’ve been over this. Now be a good girl for Aunty May.”
“Okay, Elle.” She sighed. With a final goodbye I boarded my plane for New York, the stop off on the way back to my life. The one I didn’t want anymore.

“Elle, love the hair.” Someone called out to me as I walked through the airport.
“Oliver.” I laughed as I turned around “Thanks so much for coming to get me.”
“No problem, I had some business here anyway.”
We chatted all the way to the hotel, however as soon as we got to the twin room the conversation turned serious.

“Oli, what do I do. What do I tell them?” I asked desperately.
“The Truth?” he answered hesitantly “Okay maybe not. What do you want to tell them?”
“Everything, and nothing.” I sobbed.
“Hey, hey, Elle.” He soothed sitting next to me and wrapping his arm round me “I’m sure they’ll understand.”
“No they’ll say they will. But they won’t.”
“What can I tell you Elle?” He asked me gently “What can I do to make it better?”
“Make it go away.” I sighed, 
“I wish I could sweetheart. I wish I could.”

xo El

So There we go, Elle's new model and story. Sorry if anyone has PM'd me i haven't had time to check and reply and I gotta go now, out with friends. I'll check them either tonight or tomorrow. xx
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