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An outfit for on the beach.

Imagine you're walking on the beach, and suddenly you see something in the water. It's a bottle. One with a letter. Your very first message in a bottle! You manage to get the bottle open and read the letter:
Hello who-ever found this,
Please return to sender on the following address with on a note the place you found it. It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

You do as asked and put on a note the place you found it and your phone number. Just to see what you'll get. Then you send it to the address.

A few days later you get a call. 'Hello?' you say. 'Hello this is ____, I wanted to thank you for sending the bottle back,' the voice on the other end of the line says. 'No problem. But why did you want it back?' you ask, and ____ tells about the project he's doing. You're really interested and want to talk to him about it in person. You decide to meet in a Starbucks in a town in-between the towns you live in.

A week later it's time. When you walk into Starbucks at the time you've decided on, you see there's only one guy sitting. You walk towards him and ask him if he's ____. The guy shakes his head. You sigh and sit down. A few minutes later, a really attractive guy comes walking in, and he's about your age. He walks towards you and asks you if you're (Y/N). You nod and he introduces himself as ____. You start talking and come to find out you have lots of common interests. After hours of talking, you start to get hungry, and ____ asks you to join him for dinner. You nod and together you go to a restaurant. After a lovely dinner you say your goodbyes and he kisses you on your cheek. 'I hope to see you again soon (Y/N),' he says. You blush lightly and say you hope that too. 'I really liked talking to you, you're a really nice person,' ____ says, making you blush again. 'Yes, me too. I'd never have imagined we'd have so much in common,' you answer. 'I was wondering, would you like to go to a movie some time? Maybe,' he says. 'I'd love to,' you answer.

You go on a date, and another one, and another one and so on. After 5 dates, ____ asks you to be his girlfriend, and you say yes. Years later you get married on the beach where you found the bottle. You both would never have expected this would come out of a small message in a bottle.
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