hey girls sorry i've been so active but it's haley here ! so i thought this would be really fun to do for the summer because you can really just create some fun cute shorts. so i have a few different techniques so i hope you enjoy ! c:

what do i need ;
sissors [ if your cutting jeans ]
dye i recommend the brand rit !
studs found online
household bleach
bowl // bucket

cut them ; 
if you want to turn jeans into shorts it's not as hard as it looks. so first your going to want to get a ruler and some sort of pen / marker to mark where you want to cut the jeans. so do it on one side of the shorts make sure you cut diagonal ! so after you cut one side your going to want to fold them in half so that you can mark the other side to make sure they are the same length. after you cut both sides it's time for the next step !

distress ;
so if you want you can distress them a bit. starting by taking some sissors and just kind of running the blade along the hem of the shorts just to get them a bit frayed. whether you want you make a actual little tear int the shorts is up to you. just make sure it's not to big ! so you can create a small little cut and distress it a bit using sand paper , picking at it with tweezers or tongs !

bleach if they aren't white ;
you don't have to do this but if you bleach them it'll make the color a lot more vibrant if they are blue denim type jeans. so just get a bucket or some form of large bowl and fill it with bleach. make sure to cover your hands with something such as a glove if you get any bleach on your hands wash them asap c: after your shorts have been in the bleach for a while [depends on how much bleach you put in. thirty minutes is a good estimate] take them out and pop them in the washer + dryer.

dye it ombre or solid ;
i recommend rit dye they have a bunch of colors to choose from and can be found at walmart , joans etc. so lets continue !

ombre ;
fill your bowl with water and add some dye but not too much and dunk the lower portion of the shorts into the dye this will be the lighter color of the ombre effect. so leave that in for about an hour or so. next flip the shorts the other way so your dunking the top. but before you dunk again add more dye so it's the darker layer ! leave the darker layer in for about an hour and a half this time. after your shorts have the desired color run them through water to get any excess dye out also so your dryer doesn't turn pink lol so put them in the dryer in a warm cycle. but if you want you can also go green and hang them outside it actually may make the colors a bit more vibrant but whatever you do your shorts will still be gorgeous c:

normal dip dye ;
the same thing as ombre except you dip the whole pair into the dye at one time.

stud it ;
i think this is really fun. you will have to buy them online but they are super cheap like a hundred for five dollars. so you'll have extra for your future creativity needs. you can stud a lot more things then you think. anyone the studs are pretty easy to put in. where you want to put them is up to you look up different patterns and stuff on google or just look through pictures. what you do is put the stud through the denim fabric in your designated place. then on the back of the studs bend the peices of metal in with with a hard object such as the solid part of a spoon or fork !

hope this was a good tip for you guys c:

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