reVived by enVie

reFined • reNewed • reUsed

That’s the sum Up of the story: “reVived by enVie” – “to be reUsed from you”

Inspiring conscious consumption from fashion evergreens and beloved garments that never went out of style.
Much more they can be used in every season, match with every style and revives every fashionistas & style hunters wardrobe.
No matter which size, style or gender.
Every “reVived by enVie” cloth & accessory is sourced from the origin.
Processed and reNewed with professional cleaning preparation, accentuated & reFined by handcrafted detailing and signature touches.

“reVived by enVie” continues its unrivaled ♀ & ♂ masterpieces in 2012. . .

The reVived by enVie collection will be available in our webshop from February 2012!!!
In meantime we are very happy if you contact us directly to get further information
or to create & reVive your unique enVie masterpiece.
happy new year & cheerio,
enVie team

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