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Who says you have to show up in black and white to every interview? How dull and boring! Try to play up your look for an interview in a fun and clever way while still appealing to the working world. How? With colorful pants! It’s one of the biggest trends right now that works for all occasions.

Stick with basic colors like blue, yellow, red, and white (not really colorful but still different). These colors are widely appreciated and kinder to the eyes. Whereas colors like green, pink, turquoise, purple, orange and so on can be unwelcoming and off putting.

They must be dress pants! Not denim or some other casual fabric! It’s an interview we’re talking about after all. Your look should still be professional. Go for ankle length, nothing shorter.

Pair with a classic white or black button down shirt. Your shirt needs to be plain and simple since your pants give you so much attention already. Tuck in the shirt and wear a basic dark colored belt. This will pull everything together and give you a polished look even with your colorful bottoms.

Keep your accessories minimal. Small diamond studs or pearl earrings with a thin bracelet on one wrist and a watch on the other. Make sure you wear a watch! Nothing flashy, just a basic watch to show you’re a punctual type of person.

Same for your hair and makeup. Less is more and simple is perfect. A ponytail is the best hairstyle for an interview. It shows you’re polished and put together. But you’re not limited to this! And your makeup should be fresh and almost look natural. Don’t overdo it! You want them to pay attention to what you’re saying not the heavy makeup plastered on your face.

{ *E X T R A }
~ Remember to stay professional still. Don’t let the pants set the tone for you.
~ Smile with teeth, give a firm hand shake, and keep steady eye contact.
~ Nod your head along with what they’re saying. It shows you’re paying attention and understand.
~ Ask questions like what the job requires, what it consists of, and what they look for in an employee.
~ Think before you speak, but don’t hesitate for too long. Think about the question asked and then answer.
~ Ask how long it will be before you get a response. It’s important to know how soon you can find out if you got the job or not!
~ Call back in a week to check up with your interviewer and remind them how interested you are in the job.
~ Stay polite && Stay positive! :D

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