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Model’s name – Character’s Name 
Status: Dating someone? Single? Divorced? Etc. 
Played by: Your username here 

Some announcements: 
1. If your character is NOT on the list and you HAVE been accepted, please still fill out the above form and your character will be added!
2. Please remember to do an interview set. Here is an example: 
3. Make sure to RP with more than one or two people – get to know other people, make friends, make drama and all that good stuff!! 
4. If you have an open set and want it to be advertised, PM me the link! 
Upcoming Group Set Ideas: 
1. Christmas Ball – Bring a newly bought gift to donate to the local hospital 
2. Snow Ball Fight – An event for the whole family. Bring your gloves, mittens and hats for this snow ball fight in the park. (Snow will be brought in) 
3. State Carnival – Come with friends and families to ride the big Ferris wheel and eat cotton candy. (Credit to @simplysola )

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