Okay, I just have to say that...

Dream High 2 disappointed me.

The drama started out with a girl who had no talent in singing or dancing but yet had a ridiculous dream of becoming an idol. We never really saw a raw passion in her, just a childish dream. Although the character for me was a flop, the actress, Kang Sora, did amazingly well at potraying the character. It kind of even made me feel pity for Hye Sung.

And then we have Rian, the idol wannabe-turned-actress. Even though her fashion sense has suddenly made me have a strong adoration for fur coats, the fact that she also isn't completely talented at singing (not enough to be an idol at least) or acting makes me cringe a bit. The fact that the two female leads have no talent and basically no motivation was the first thing the writers failed at. This is called DREAM High, so where are their dreams?

Then we go to JB and Yoo Jin. They both have a past together, but a short one. An audition for Kirin Arts. Yoo Jin does amazingly while JB does..well...awful. Just awful. It made me laugh. I actually like the conflict between these characters because I feel like in the drama, they showed us enough of their past to keep us informed and entertained, but there's still something left that will be revealed later.

We also have the minor characters. First of all, SIWOO AND NANA ARE ADORABLE. 

P.S Siwoo was the guy in Bang Yong Guk's I remember MV. What the heck. He got so much more attractive.

But anyways, we have Nana with her vocal problems, Siwoo with his transfering-schools-and-never-being-an-idol-again problems (which seem to magically go away after a few episodes...), Lee Seul with her dad issues, Ailee's just cute, and Teach Yang Jin Man with his ...uh...just problems in general. (Why does JYP always include himself in everything...first Dream High, then the Wondergirls movie, then Dream High 2? I get that he's the one paying the money and everything, but I just think it's awkward.)

Anyways, too many conflicts at once. It's too confusing, and there's not enough time to go into any of them too deeply without leaving another behind. Which annoys me. I'd really like to focus on one main problem. 

It's not like I totally hate the drama though. I think it's getting better. Well, I'm kind of watching it for Siwoo-Nana, but it's okay because THEY'RE SO ADORABLE. 

Sigh. Why no cameos?!
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