say hello to the swedish goddess part 1.

♡;her u n f o r g e t t a b l e name is autumn diana-marie st. mark.
♡; nicknames are s o fifth grade, but if you must, call her auttie, or a, if you are über close to her. if you do call her one of these and you barely know her, she might chop you head off, just kidding.
♡;the s t e l l a r pronunciation is au- tum di-ann- uh ma- ree sannte mark.
----------------------------[ g l i m m e r ]--------------------------
♡;the m a g i c number is sixteen.
♡; december eighth at 7:3O.
♡; s n o w blanketed umeå, sweden.
♡; 1OO% swedish babe
----------------------------[ s h i m m e r ]----------------------------
♡; - emilie nereng

do you see that girl, the girl who looks so radiant and goddess-like compared to all her friends. her name is autumn, you may not know autumn personally, but you hate her already just because she looks so... perfect. you got to admit that her pin-straight thick golden mane with the carmel brown low-lights is ever so sleek and voluminous, 1OO% more beautiful then what /any/ thousand dollar hair products can do to your own hair. autumn makes her waist length hair look work without looking like a troll doll. her eyes, oh my god! they just changed from that stormy grey color to a cerulean blue that matches the waters in bora bora perfectly, framed with her lush, thick espresso brown lashes. her eyebrows are a brown shade, not to light not dark, and totally waxed at a five-star spa,without a hair out of place. and those lips, perfectly cupid's bow, and perfectly peony pink, that often give off that angelic smile, the secret weapon she has that girls like you envious beyond compare. those ooh- so kissable lips hide those perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth. last but definitely not least is her model body. she stands at 5`1O exact, and has that sexy,victoria secret worthy hourglass figure, with her 36 B bust. yes, call this scandinavian goddess sexy if you will, because that's exactly what she is.

♡; autumn is the perfect blend of kind,innocent,classy, and bïtch. when autumn first meets you, she is always polite and classy, with a hint of her signature sweeter than hershey's chocolate personality. if you give her a bad impression, there goes your /only/ chance of being her friend, or even her acquaintance. oh my god, if you ever get on her nerves you will die of embarrassment. she will totally ruin your life, and all you will be to the upper class is a shame. autumn is ruthless to those she doesn't like. luckily for you, autumn doesn't get bad impressions much, if she did, thousands of people will be on her hate list.
----------------------------[ s h i n e] ----------------------------

it was a beautiful winter day in umeå,sweden. the sky was was tiffany blue, the sun shined unusually brighter than it usually did during the winter season, and the snow on the ground was as white as your mother's brand new bentley continental gt. then a pleasant sounding soprano cry filled the chilly morning air. a beautiful baby opened her eyelids for the first time, revealing those stormy grey eyes for the first time in norrland's university hospital. her parents cried with joy, and the nurses helping with the birth each clapped with happiness. her parents named the child autumn st. mark, and from that point onward, autumn became one of the most well known children in all of europe. autumn's mother strived for her daughter to become the one of the most talented children in scandinavia, so at eighteen months, astrid enrolled autumn into ballet classes, acting classes, and taught autumn personally how to sing and play piano. autumn surprisingly lived up to her mother's expectations and made her mother and father proud. autumn's childhood years seemed nearly flawless until the doctors revealed that her father had prostate cancer when autumn was twelve. after two painful years, her father's cancer went into remission. sadly the remission didn't last long and olav's cancer came back, stronger than before. astrid had to take care of her very ill husband and her daughter. olav's cancer became worse over the course of a few months, and astrid slowly became depressed. astrid and autumn discussed sending autumn here, and both agreed that it would be better if autumn tried a term here so astrid could offer more support to her ill husband.
----------------------------[ g l i m m er ]---------------------------
♡; family -
astrid-emilie st. mark// 45// famous retired singer, current c.e.o and co owner of st. mark oils//
olav st. mark// 46// unemployed due to his illness, co owner of st. mark oils//

----------------------------[ s h i m m e r ]---------------------------
part two;;

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