say hello to the swedish goddess part 2.

gurls this is part 1. - 890
----------------------------[ s h i n e] ----------------------------
♡; autumn has perhaps has the best voice in the northern hemisphere, that's what her mother said anyway. her voice is much powerful than your average run down mainstream singer's one, and her voice just shatters the voice of an angel stereotypes, we all know autumn's voice is better. she's also an excellent dancer,and actress, but those talents are neglected by the public, you don't really see autumn sashay around town do we? she also is good at grades, like a lot of other people in this school.
♡; autumn is /very/ sensitive. she has spent numerous nights crying about what people say about her, .. and plotting revenge for those who do her harm. she also is a bit feisty and is afraid to speak her mind, which can cause her to hurl some inappropriate threats and comments at others. she hasn't told anybody about her father.
♡;likes singing/swedish pastries/ shopping/girly things/ social media/travel/music/fireworks/adventure/dancing/reading/yoga/blogging/God/traveling/spicy foods/chanel/viva la juicy/fashion/all things pink/victoria's secret/european lifestyle/hockey/ equality/jewelry/ food of all sorts/ travel/winter/animals/lace/ballet/music/macaroons/ makeup/tiffany's /romance/apple products/nail varnish/nutella/ lingonberry jam/family/charites/cheer/fun/ amusement parks/ smiles/ true love/history/
♡; dislikes- the seventies {eww hippies.}/ disease/ death/ biznatches/ nails that are overgrown/ perverts/ boring people/ snobs/ country music/ guns/ultra conservative people/ racism/ supremacism in general/obnoxious people/
----------------------------[ g l i m m e r ]--------------------------
♡; elites
♡; : troisième
♡; ✘, unless you /really/ need one...
♡; sorry for the delay of part two :3
♡; right now, I would say a big fat 8, on weekends maybe a 9.
----------------------------[ s h i m m e r ]----------------------------

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