age: twenty two
hometown: london, england
likes: music, vogue uk, heels, faux fur, jewelry, stripes, anything pink, cotton candy
dislikes: manual labor, cats, fake people, not having money, cookie-cutter artists
occupation: production assistant/part-time dj
label: roc records
bio: Claude comes from a successful family, so it's no wonder that music's in her genes. Her dad is legendary guitarist J.T. Schafer and growing up, Claude would always have a front row seat to all of her dad's concerts. Her mom, a power agent, was more of a behind-the-scenes girl, but was still very well known nonetheless. Even though she's been around music her entire life, she's probably one of the least jaded people you will ever meet. She's girly for sure, and she likes to have fun, but she doesn't care about becoming famous as much as others might. Your typical Brit, she's extremely witty and has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Spontaneity is her middle name and if there's a good party or you need someone to accompany you on your adventure, then Claude's your gal. Her musical tastes are a bit more old-fashioned, she's into Bach, Costello, and even a little Motown- Aretha Franklin style tunes. At first glance you wouldn't realize Claude's very deep, but there are more than a few layers to this girl. 
style: girly with a laid back vibe, structured skirts, comfy sweatshirts, equestrian-style boots, stripes, patterns
music: aretha franklin, coldplay, elvis costello, bach, machavelli, tchaikovsky
model: rosie huntington whiteley

@ohofkors , @mademoibelle , @the-wild-things : IT'S UP!
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