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You Make Me Feel So // Cobra Starship ft Sabi

15/12 - Tonight is Running In Heels launch party. Look your best and and be prepared to be interviewed , people love new reality stars especially when the are so fashionable.

collab with @ancalime5 

I still couldn't believe that people watched me in television. I received some calls that were all like, "Oh my god, you were really interviewed?", "The blonde haired girl was you wasn't you?" or "Now that you're famous we're best friends". These was just friends, I wasn't able to think at normal people's toughts. 

But the call that actually made my day was the one from my father. His opinion was the only one that count.

And Marla's one of course.

Even Margot's one.

Ok, Eric's one was good too.

My father's opinion pretty was the only one that count.

By the way, he said that he want to meet up and I couldn't say no because hello daddy. I entered into his office with my sure walk trough the hallway on my Jimmy Choo heels. I did this way so many times even when I was a kidda that I considered my father's office as my second home.

I headed to his secretary, "Hello Dora" I smiled to her.

Dora was the classical middle-aged woman with grey hairs and the smile of a sixteen. It was so strange talking to her, she reminded me my mother so I pretended that I was her daughter. At least when I was a child and she came and got me at the end of school lessons. Well, she was very close to me.

"Alexis" she smiled truly happy to see me I supposed, "you look so gorgeus. how are you?"

"Fine". My concept of fine was the real one. Not like when someone asks you 'how are you?' and you just say fine because you don't want to talk about it. So I really meant my 'fine', and Dora knew it.

"Good, your father he's in his office. Do you want me to advise him?" she asked switching from mother mode in professional secretary mode.

"He should already know that I'm here, thank you anyway" I said as I headed to his office. 

I knocked before coming in because I was a good girl. Mainly because sometimes I interrupted some importants meetings.

"Come in" I heard from the inside. "Alexis" he greeted me as he recognized me.

"Hello daddy" I said trowing my bag on a couch and going to hugging him. Jordan family was an hug family.

"Congratulations again" he said with a proud thone that made me blush, "my little girl" he said ging back in another hug.

"Dad, please don't ruin this moment with tears" I teased him. My father didn't cry. Big fathers doesn't cry.

"Sorry" he said letting me off. He stared at me for some moments, "Do you remember what was I used to do when you got good marks?" he asked going to his chair behind the desk.

"Yes" I said glancing down, "you cancelled all your appointments to come with me in the Park" I said as i seated in front of me. "When it was winter time, we went ice-skating. When it was summer time, you bought me ice creams".

"Chocolate taste. You had never tryed something different" he smiled, "do you know why I wanted to see you?" he asked.

"Ehm", I frowned him, "because you wanted to congratulate me due to the television show". It seemed so obvious, where was the gip hiding?

"Yes, but now you're too old for ice cream or skating with your old man, so I tought some different and more befitting" he said as he took an shopping bag under his desk and handled to me.

Oh my, I could see a big D&G on its side. I took it without ceremony (my dad hated them with all his heart, he said that are the proof of our society being corrupted by hypocrisy). So without ceremony, but a wide smile on my face that I couldn't hide. I opened it and I saw the new stilettos of D&G baroque collection.

"They're perfect" I said as I took them out of the box, holding them as they're holy. "Thank you". 

He nodded to me, that was his kind way to say you're welcome. "Just remind this", he added, "however it'll ends, I'll be proud of you".

Yes, now my day was completely made.


The party was going on very well, in the crowd I even recognized some of the members of the crew that 'stalkered' me for a day. Eric was with me, of course. He couldn't choose anything at all, to be honest. Now he was at the bar arguing with the bartender about cocktail's price. I only hope that he won't do any sorry show.

Suddenly I heard an argue going on somewhere in the crowd. Curious, I looked for who was in the middle of that conversation and I glimpsed something so I went closer.

I'm part of the show and that's final!" 

Mmm, this didn't taste good at all.

"You should have stayed in modeling." another voice replied.

"Mum I have the chance to do something else and I won't waste it" a girl said drily to an older woman that I suppose was her mother. 

The older woman shook her head and left the girl there alone. It seemed that someone needed a shoulder. 

I slowly made the few steps that separate me to the girl, "sorry I don't mean to mind your business" I smiled, "but maybe this could help?" I added kindly handling a tissue to the girl.

She returned the smile as she took it, "Thanks. And you were minding your business I should have talked to her in public. How much did you hear?" she asked.

"Enough to thinking that you are part of the show too and that your mother doesn't approve it" I replied. Once again I had the proof that a family that supports you it's a bless

She nodded. "She thinks I'd do better as a model. But luckily I have a father and sister who don't care what I do." She smiled as she held out her hand. "I'm Joy Marks by the way."

I shook it, "Nice to meet you, I'm Alexis Jordan" there was a little pause, "so did you apply for running in heels too?" I added

she gave me again a nod. "Yes, It was to good an opportunity to pass up. Are you looking forward to the show?"

I shrugged, "yes and no. When we'll start doing things seriously my level of stress will rise a lot" I smiled.

She smiled back. "I think everyone's will. I keep thinking I'm dreaming and will wake up finding I'm not on the show."

I laughed, "Yes me too. Coming back to my normal life of boutique would be awful" I said taking a sip of my mojito.

"Do you own a boutique?" she asked with an interested thone.

I shook my head, "Not yet. I work in the Phillip Lim one"

"That's pretty neat!" she replied with a smile, "Are you hoping to open one of your own after the show?"

"Yep" I saip popping the p and raising my free hand with finger crossed. "And you?"

"I have a fashion consultation studio and small boutique, downtown." She replied.

"Wow that's fantastic!" I was really interested in that, in comparison with me, her life seemed made. 

She smiled. "Thanks! I worked in Tommy Hilfiger for awhile and then decided to branch out and do my own thing."

"Wow it seems difficult to manage two different kind of things"

She shrugged, "They're in the same building and I mainly do consultation."

I nodded, "well it's better for you, isn't it?". 

Suddenly a wild Eric appeared behind me, "I looked for you everywhere, honey. Don't you ever leave me alone with these beasts" he said glancing around. 

I giggled, "Eric let me introduce you Joy Marks,one of the 'beast'" I said hitting him with my elbow. 

"Nice to meet you" he said charmly, "hope I didn't offend anyone".

Luckily she laughed, "Pleasure to meet you. And don't worry I'm not offended, my sister calls us that all the time."

Eric gave me a 'whatdidItoldyou" look with a grin on his face that smelled of victory, "You shouldn't have told him that. Now he'll be unbearable for the next weeks" I said rolling my eyes to her.

She laughed, "Sorry." Then looked at Eric, "Just try to forget I said that." she said.

Too late" he said clapping his hands. 

I rolled my eyes again, "You dumb". 

"Now I'll prove you that you're a plague" he said by now totally charged for the whole night. "In fact I'm sure that Joy didn't find invasive the troupe that filmed you as you do"

"Actually... it was kinda invasive." she grinned. God blessed ladies back-up!

"Ah!" I said with pleasure. 

"Are you totally sure?" Eric insisted. 

"Gneek gneek, I think someone is clutching at straws" I whispered approaching the mojito at my lips.

"Totally sure. Most people don't like having twenty strangers in their closet." Go Joy!

Eric huffed and, as usual when he was beaten, tryed to avoid eye-contact with me. "Apply freshwater on that burn" I grinned as I blinked to Joy

She grinned as well winking at me. "Don't forget a band-aid." she told to Eric.

"Excuse me, I think I'll go taking something to drink" Eric said leaving us 

"My fiancé isn't still used to this kind if things, I'm sorry if he seemed rude" I apologised as he went away.

"It's okay. Like I said my sister acts like that so I'm used to it."

"What does your sister do?" I asked with a cocked eyebrown.

"She's going into criminal justice."

I raise my eyebrows seriously impressed, "it's ages far from our world"

She nodded. "Yes. She hates fashion so it's pretty interesting when she and I get together". She glanced around for a while, "I'm sorry to cut it short." she said out of blue with her gaze stuck on something. I followed and I saw the old lady doing her way trough ur "But I've got to flee. I look foward to chatting again some other time." she smiled as hse vanished into the crowd.

I took the last sip of my mojito and put the glass on a table next to me.

Good, let's go looking at Eric's burn.


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