- Camille Ford

The lanky girl towered over me as she stood barefoot while I zipped her up in the little black dress. It fitted her perfectly and I let out a relieved sigh that I didn't have to do any alterations. 

I had to get the Christopher Kane piece on loan, and boy was I lucky Mom actually knew someone who knew someone else ... okay, it's a very long story but it wasn't easy getting this dress. The only catch was that Mom made me come to her place for the fitting - "so you won't ruin the dress" was her excuse.

"All black?" a familiar voice interrupted. My brother Damien had been seated on the couch nearby, staring at my model with a grin. 

"Still drooling?" I shot back with a chuckle. "When'd you come? I thought you swore never to step into this place again since Phillip moved in with Mom..."

Damien waved his hand as if to dismiss the subject - and yes, his eyes were still glued to the model. I picked up a piece of bubble wrap and tossed it at him.

"I was drunk!" he argued, playing with the bubble wrapper now. "Besides, that Phillip kid has a cool stash of beer-"

"Whatever," I cut him off. "Since you're here, help me decide which pair of shoes to pick."

I had lined a few (15 ... maybe 16) pairs of shoes (mostly flats, boots or oxfords) along the floor. Damien jumped off the couch, passed the model though I had to drag him away, before crouching on the floor next to the shoes. He studied them for a few quiet seconds before picking up a pair of oxfords.

"This are all men's shoes," he pointed out.

"Yeah, obvious."

"You only have men's shoes?"

"I like to wear flat shoes when I go out at night. It's more comfortable."

"Well, I dig chicks in men's shoes."

"You dig chicks in general," I corrected him as I took the pair from him and walked back to the model. "Try these on."

The shoes were a little too big for her, so I made a mental note to get an exchange for a smaller size. Damien walked over and stood next to me, admiring. 

"Is this challenge thing suppose to be about what you'd wear?" he asked. 


"Do you even wear dresses?"

I nudged him in his stomach and heard him yelped. The model stifled a chuckle. 

"Okay, let's see what else we can do to this..." I rummaged through boxes I'd brought along earlier, filled with clutches of different shapes and designers, tossing them out onto the floor. 

"Is this cute or what?" I held up a Moschino at Damien. He made a face before claiming his spot back on the couch. 

"I think it's super adorable," the model spoke as she took the clutch from me and slung it around her wrist. I agreed - it does look adorable. And something that I would carry around.

I completed the look with a pair of cat eye sunglasses and Armani cuff, before working out a proper hair-do for the look. A few minutes of trying to do a high bun on the model - a few yelps, a few curses - and then when it was done, I sat next to Damien with a big grin plastered on my face.

"I kinda like it," I spoke aloud. 

"I'd hit on her," Damien commented. 

"Ooh, you're done with the styling already?" Mom's voice echoed down the hallway before she popped up carrying bags. "I just got more stuff from the show room for you ..."

She set the bags down before approaching us. Damien stood up and gave her a quick peck on her cheeks. 

"I love those shoes," she commented, eyeing the pair of oxfords that the model had now taken off. 

"Damien picked them."

She turned to him with a bright smile. Damien just gave a shrug before disappearing into the kitchen. 

"I think the judges are gonna love this," Mom said, linking her arms with mine. I turned and realized she was smiling proudly. It was nice to see that.

"They better be," I grinned.


i'm not sure if i should continue or just leave it as it is. 

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