@likewohaa hey guise wanna hear a funny story? okay, you do. this morning i woke up and i was wearing my yoga pants inside out! HAHA. That was so funny guise.

So, I know that it's like still summer (ew) but fall is right around the corner (thank god)! I'm soooo excited because that means i'm starting freshmaggot- of freshmen (sorry) year! and that means new friends (thank the lord almighty) more freedom, being able to show off adorabllee fall clothing and well, like a lot of really hot guys. okay on to ze tip now. Okay and a thing about these outfits is that I'm actually probably going to wear them all not all the exact stuff but these are outfits I've come up with to wear during the school year and that i'm going to wear. 

Outfit One:
Okay for this one, I picked out this super coot summery floral dress and so you can wear it in the fall i added some lace tights. For shoes Trampers! I like the look they give to this outfit aloott. I also threw in a scarf that matches some of the flowers and a couple rings to pull it all together!
Hair- wavy, half up half down.
Makeup-keep it simple!

Outfit 2:
This look is uber prep guise. So for it you shall need a nice button down shirt with the blue&white pinstripes (i forgot what the real name is) and then some nice dark wash jeans. For shoes try riding boots and add a pair of super long socks to peek out from the top of the boots. Keep it simple with just some diamond studs.
makeup- look at kate from pretty little liars make up!

Outfit 3:
So this one is kinda edgey. Get some black leggings and a oversized long sweeater. (I mean looooooooooong) Cause' leggings can be really reveling. Just add some black boots that look a little rockish and simple gold hoops!
Hair:Sleek, straight ponytail with a bump in da front!
Makeup:Smokey eye, nude lips!

Outfit 4:
SO dis' one is my favorite. Pair a tan colored cardigan with a floral top with some of the tan in it. If the shirt is cropped like in the set, put a cami under or just button up the cardigan. Pair it with light wash jeans oxfords and lace socks! Finish it with BIG pearl earrings!
Hair: soft curls.
Makeup: cat eye and thick lashes!

Happy fall!
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