school days//chuck berry 
Polyvore Academy//Round 1! 

I picked this outfit for it's colorful feel and eye catching look,the simple yet glamorous purple modcloth dress wrapped in a cute denim vest,topped with a betsey johnson heart bird necklace will leave them all staring 

i strutted onto the campus of Polyvore Academy, tugging along my suitcases and looking at a map at the same time.
As i strolled down the walkways of the campus with my bags i grumbled in a irritated manner,"oh,were is it?" i mumbled.
with my eyes on the map and not on the walkway,i cashed in a girl who was walking by.
"oh-my,i`m so sorry! i don`t see you!" 
"it's ok,i`m fine,i`m Emily (@emily-g) " the girl said with a kind smile.
"i`m Hope" i say a little shyly 
"are you lost?" 
"very!" i laughed
"what Dormitory are you?"
"Dormitory C"
"hey! i`m in Dormitory C too,here i`ll take you there!"
we walked down the walkway to Dormitory C,in our Dormitory room,Emily introduced me to some of the Dormitory C girls,then all got to go out for some delicious cupcakes! :)
(sorry for the bad story,i`m not good at this kind of thing :( )
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