So I've been watching a lot of Supernatural recently 
and comparing it's chain of events to Doctor Who. In 
Doctor Who, I feel like there is on big problem per 
episode with many smaller ones coming off of it. 
Supernatural, on the other hand, is the two big 
problems throughout the season- where their dad is 
and what happened to their mom in season one's 
case- then the one problem per episode that's 
resolved by the end of the episode. Generally there 
will be one sub problem throughout or the problem 
will expand, from what I've picked up. I don't know. 
Maybe I'm over- examining it. Those are just my 
thoughts on it.

Any who, Britain and I have been getting flirty with 
each other again. I've been busy with Pride Week 
and Sweet Sixteen planning recently. I have pre- 
HSPAS, a standardized test high schools have to 
take to graduate in my state, this week. My one 
friend Evan is at least in the same testing room as 
me. Today, my history teacher didn't care what we 
did so my friends and I watched a million gay John 
Barrowman kiss videos. That's the story of my life. 
In other news, my house phone has probably rung more times today than it has in the past week. 
Whatever though. Have a wonderful day everybody! 
Stay beautiful!
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