2012/10/12 Friday scary night...I re-create Asian Movie Collection again
started with my favorite genre Asian-Horror.

17.Ringu 1998 is a Japanese Horror movie maybe you guys know by a hollywood remake version "The ring[2002]"
More detail:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_(film)
If you interest this is full length with Eng Sub:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHUWaAzzKcs
My view:Based on my favorite Horror Genre the most I think Ringu is a classic tale of horror that show creepy feel also detail of story way too emotional pain,explain dark side of human it's really creepy more than made you screaming out loud.

It's started with cursed video, move on to seeing reflections of creepy girl from said video in mirrors and TV screens, and end with aforementioned creepy girl crawling out of TV to kill you.

Build up of tension and changing to creepier inside of you..my opinion I'm not scared Sadako-a ghost had long hair cover in the face. i scared the atmosphere and how a ghost is such a less reason and the past-thinking scenes in my most scary.
My non-Asian friends always ask me why Japanese horror movie is too much so mean&unforgiving ,I think is a Cultural thinking a director/writer indirect tell don't play with unnatural thing specially in the believe of ghost isn't so mean or less reason.
but Japanese horror always build up you so much the atmosphere more than trying to give you the reason or feel it real. [I'll make another my fab horror that feel it real horror ]

By far,Ringu 1998 is one of the best J-Horror ever,the one is the most creepy.

I re-watch again last week my Korean friends are scared and cover their face with pillow and just me who watch so many times not scare me that much and the scenes of Sadako is so much fun when watching in 2012.
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