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Short story. Basically it’s a plot point and it’s almost midnight so I couldn’t think of much filler.

Holly Alexander; November 23

“You are going to be spending Christmas at home right?” Hunter asked me, leaning towards me slightly across the table.

We were currently sitting at the table situated on the balcony of his East Perth flat just chatting about life and other things that happened in the world, as the sun set.

“You mean am I going to be spending Christmas at mum and dads house with them and you and Pen?” I asked, eyebrow cocked, “Why don’t you ask mum?”

“What do you mean?” He asked, brow scrunched in confusion.

“Well she’s the one that told you to ask me that right?” I scoffed rolling my eyes. He blushed ever so slightly but didn’t say anything in response, “She called me to ask me yesterday. And when I went to go see dad on Monday he asked me as well.”

“Oh. She said you’d never answered.” He said.

“Well I did. I answered every time for every different person she got to ask.” I rolled my eyes in fond exasperation because the woman was many things and subtle was not one of them, “Next time someone asks me though she’ll find my answer will have changed.” I threatened with a wave of my finger, “So pass that on for me please.” I said as sweetly as I could manage. 

“Fine, fine, I get it.” He put his hands out in a gesture of surrender, though the rolling of his eyes kind of ruined the effect

“Good.” I nodded briskly before sighing, “So are our plans the same as always?” I asked running my finger along the rim of my now almost empty glass of iced coffee.

“Yes,” He nodded before rattling them off, “Christmas Eve we deal with mums family,”

“Which I get to avoid the majority of.” I interjected smugly because the house’s Christmas plans happened on the 24th much to my joy.

“Sadly. Leaving me to fend for myself.” He pouted.

“You’ll have Pen. You’ll hardly notice anyone else is there.” I rolled my eyes, before ordering, “Now continue.”

“Fine fine. At midnight we open our present from each other. We go to bed. Get up, open presents. At midday dads family comes over. Boxing Day we do with Pen’s parents and brothers. Easy.” He rattled it all off like a pro. We’d basically been doing everything the same for more than 20 years. Well Boxing day with Pen’s family was really only the last 5 years but still by now it was tradition. Her brothers were pretty cool anyway and kinda fit. I mean I wouldn’t go there because like ew nasty but a girl could look.

“Yay.” I said, as unenthusiastically as I could manage even though I was kinda excited, “You and Pen are coming to my Birthday though right?” I asked him, just for conformation.

“Of course.” He smiled at me, “Though let me tell you it took a lot to convince mum not to come.”

“That’d be no fun.” I wrinkled my nose at the thought because I loved my mum dearly but I didn’t want anyone I knew interacting with her ever, “I’ve already promised her and dad the morning so I think we’re going to breakfast and then getting our nails done.” I shrugged like I was unsure when actually I knew that’s exactly what we were doing.

“Dad’s getting his nails painted?” Hunter asked. Wow. No. Though the image did cause me to burst out laughing

“No stupid.” I managed to choke out, “Mum and Dad are taking me to breakfast then I’m getting my nails done with mum. Dad’ll go to work or something.” I shrugged. Really common sense wasn’t actually that common it would seem.

“Oh. That makes sense.” He nodded, laughing right along with me at him moment or stupid.

“Any other important plans or dates I should know about then?” I asked when we’d both finally stopped laughing, “While we’re on the subject. I don’t want to have to be responsible and remember things later for a second time today.”

“Well now you mention it.” Hunter said, suddenly looking uncomfortable, “There is one other thing.”

“What?” I asked, eyeing him suspiciously, 

“On the 9th of December Pen has her office Christmas party and I can’t let her go alone.” He said in one big rush, kinda like a teenage girl.

“What of it?” I asked narrowing my eyes and racking my brain for the importance of December 9. “December ninth, december ninth.” I muttered trying to figure out the importance of the date before it dawned on me, “Wait a second.” I said glaring at him, “No what. That’s not fair. We’ve been looking forward to this game since the final last year.” I snapped.

“I know Holly and trust me I really want to go but Pen has no choice about the work party and I can’t leave her.” He plead looking really unhappy about it.

“This is why domesticity and relationships suck.” I muttered with a curse, “It’s not fair. It’s really the Scorchers year this year. I don’t want to miss the first game.” I pouted.

“Go by yourself?” He suggested, clearly expecting me to shoot the suggestion down.

I did. “F.ck no. What kind of sad sod goes to the cricket by herself with no one to make snide comments about the players to.” I shook my head, “No thank you.”

“Well take our tickets.” He said, totally genuine, “And find someone to go in our place.”

“Fine.” I pouted, wondering who exactly I could take. I had no ideas who liked cricket, who even understood it, which meant I’d have to ask around the house.

“Is it to much to ask for you to text me updates?” He asked hopefully, fishing around in his pocket to hand me the three spare tickets, “We have the other two. If you need them.” He added helpfully as I pulled them from his grasp. Yeah we had 6 tickets even though only three of us went regularly. Sitting next to strangers was not fun though and sometimes dad joined us. Mum even did for the final last year which was when we lost. Suffice to say she was banned from coming this year.

“It depends.” I sniffed haughtily, “On how good company the person that replaces you is. How cute they are.” Which actually gave me a couple of ideas.

“Oh I’ll be fine then.” Hunter laughed, “If you can convince boys to carry your shopping round for you then you can certainly convince one to come to a sporting event with you.”

“I dunno,” I shrugged, twirling a strand of hair around my finger, “Boys are very loyal to their sport of choice.”

“You can do it.” He shrugged, pulling a face before adding, “I can’t believe I’m saying this but wear something revealing and they won’t even be paying attention to the game.”

I faked an outraged gasp, hand flying to my mouth and everything, “Are you telling me to whore myself out?” I asked in a scandalised voice.

“If that’s what it takes.” He nodded grimly.

“Wow you must really be passionate about cricket more than I though,” I said thoughtfully before smirking, “That or Pen’s office parties must be really boring.”

His look of horror said it all, “You have no idea.”
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