xD This is dumb looking....
But I like it lol.

Still sick, my mom may take me to the doc today xP
No bueno.

There's nothin good on, so I'm watching Max & Ruby xD

Yes it's a childrens show,
Ruby is such a Jerk to max, the little bunny just wants to play with his toys , and she's always like "NO, YOU'RE MESSING EVERYTHING UP!!"


Not sure what I want for X-Mas, but my mom wants my list soon...

I want clothes lol I guess, she knows what I like.
and a new Starbucks mug, 
she always gets me one for christmas x)
Her birthday is in 3 days, but I've had her present for months lol

Bahhh, what are you asking for? (X-mas)

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